Tour Cancellations


Some may call this travel jitters, but I have the slightest amount of concern. It may be completely unfounded and mean nothing, and am worried over nothing, or it could be something.

I’ve been reading through the posts about the Euro Pioneer for the 24 May departure being cancelled and also that Topdeck only really cancel a tour if there aren’t sufficient enough numbers to make the trip worthwhile.

My concern is this. I’m booked on the Sept 6 departure for the same tour, and yes, I know it’s still a whiles away, but it’s only 1 of about 7 tour dates this season that still hasn’t gone to “Guaranteed Departure”. Additionally, I’ve only, through the forums here, made contact with 1 other fellow traveler booked on the same tour, same date.

Am I looking into this too much, or could I be booked on a tour that, going by Topdeck’s current statistics, be another tour that “could be” on the chopping block?


Hi Marty

Hard to know I think, my tour (europe uncovered 17th May) was cancelled at the beginning of February so they did give a bit of notice.
If you have a relatively flexible travel itinerary already I don’t think you need to worry about it too much, it is quite a long way away and I’m sure a lot of people book closer than 6 months before the trip :slight_smile:

You can also ask TopDeck and ask them how the numbers are going for your tour and when you should expect it to be guaranteed.

Good luck! and enjoy your trip when you go :slight_smile:



Hi Marty86,

I was booked on the 24th May departure & after the cancellation Topdeck gave me 3 options:

  • Book on the same trip with different departure (plus an additional discount for the inconvenience)
  • Book a different trip & either pay/get refunded the difference
  • Cancel altogether & get a full refund.

I chose to book the next trip which is a week later (now on the 31st May departure), although because I am doing another Topdeck tour afterwards, this meant these two now clashed so I also had to shift my second tour too. My Topdeck agent just sorted everything for me no problem.

Although it was a bit of a buggar, I was lucky this this option worked for me - & I hadnt yet booked my flight home!

I hadnt had any response from anyone else on the 24th May departure but I know there are plenty on the 31st May :slight_smile: - & its a garunteed departure. Now my worry is I havnt heard from anyone the Britain & Ireland tour I am now going to be on…


I’m thinking I’ll have to call TopDeck, as I’ve already booked and paid for flights… I mean, if something does get cancelled, it’s not the end of the world, thats what I have insurance for… but your said it in one, it’s a bugger if it happens…


I know what you mean, you always hope you will never have to use your travel insurance.

Yea I still havnt booked my return flight yet - kinda leaving it a bit late but it would be such a hassle if my 2nd trip was cancelled because I cant really afford to go any later (& then it would clash with a return flight anyway).

When I asked my Topdeck agent about my trip she said they would know by the beginning of May at the latest… a bit late for me as I leave NZ on the 16th May…

I’m probably just worrying - I just hope everything all goes to plan!!!


I contacted TopDeck about tour numbers and have been informed that there are currently 10 people booked on the 6th Sept departure. I was then kindly informed that it’s “Very rare” that London to London tours get cancelled and that it’s still a while away yet. Upon further questioning on my behalf, I was told they would want at least another 5 or so bookings before taking it to guaranteed departure.

The guy put my mind at ease, as he said that the tour is in “Shoulder” season, just after the Summer peak, and that those who either couldn’t book during summer or missed out, would then often look at the shoulder tours to take instead. He also advised to call every couple of weeks just to see how things are progressing. (Not sure if I’ll annoy them about that this early, lol)

SO COME ON PEOPLE!!! Book the 6th of SEPT Tour for Euro Pioneer!!! ;D