Tour Availability / Guaranteed Dept


Hi,[br][br]I know it’s still a fair way away for my tour but out of curiosity what are the chances of a tour getting cancelled if it doesn’t meet the minimum requirement of people on it??[br][br]Discover Europe 2009 [br](17th Sept 09 - 12th Oct 2009)


Hi Ede,[br][br]We try to run all the departures & do all best to fill them all! In the unlikely event of having to cancel a trip, we would give you plenty of notice (minimum 6 weeks I think) and would make sure that we find you an alternative.[br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Anita


Hi Ede,[br][br]My tour was cancelled due to lack of numbers, but they gave me the option of going on one leaving two days later so it all worked in with my plans. They also gave me heaps of notice :-)[br][br]Cheers,[br]Serena[br][br]European Getaway || May 9th


Hi! My tour was cancelled as well, I am now leaving on the same tour a week later, the only annoying thing was having to change my flights - and finding out that my travel insurance wouldnt cover the costs! Would recommend a guaranteed departure if you have the choice.


thanks all for the reply and heads up…[br][br]ok now to cross my fingers, arms, legs and toes that it doesn’t get canned as pushing back flights maybe out of the question for us since we received these prices on special and they won’t allow flight adjustments as they wouldn’t even let us push our Europe departure date back by even day…[br][br]Discover Europe 2009 [br](17th Sept 09 - 12th Oct 2009)