Touch down in London June 2nd


Hi all!

Just wondering whether anyone will be staying in London from June 2nd-7th? I’m travelling solo and it’s my first time overseas so would be great to know some fellow travellers! ;D


Hey! I fly into London that same day! I start my tour June5th so I have a couple days solo.


Hey Dom,

After my first trip I arrive back in London on the 6th and will be there till the 13th. Also travelling solo. I’m staying at the Clink and there are a few of the solo people who have been talking about meeting up. Add me to facebook if you want to chat more.

:slight_smile: Bec



In case you haven’t found it yet, there is a big thread on people who are going to be in London solo in the general tour discussion section of the forum. You might find it helpful to read that one cos heaps of people have listed what dates they will be there.