Hi everyone![br][br]I have just started planning my overseas trip which i will start saving for right after i finish year 12 :p. I was wondering if anyone knew if the Mega European trip will be in 2007 or something similar. I would also like to know when i could go about booking myself a spot on the bus.[br]Thanks in advance.[br]GOOO AUSTRALIA 2 - 1 BRAZIL I HOPE ;D[br][br]No Regrets


Also i know that the age group is around 18 - 35 but im getting the feeling that Top Deck are more for the mid to late 20’s where as contiki seems to be more around 18 - 22. As i am 18 i would rather hang out with people within 2 years but couldnt stand going contiki from what iv read. I dont mind older people but its a minor prefrence that i have.[br][br]If anyone who has been on a Top Deck tour can tell me what sort of age groups went on it it would make my day![br][br]Thanks;D[br][br]No Regrets


Although i have never been on a tour on my travels in hostels i met up with alot of topdeck and busabout tours. Many tended to be in 20’s however i was 18 and still felt part of the group when we went out for the night. I am planning on going on the istanbul-london camping trip next summer and will only be 20 if that is of any help[br]Steph