Topdeck's Gap Trips


Topdeck has once again put together a series of specialised Gap Student trips in 2009! These are created specifically so that the vibe is young and fun. [br][br]What are Gap Students?[br]Travellers between the ages of 18 and 20 who have just finished school. Many are working in schools assisting teaching staff or staying for short periods of time away from their home country to study a language or just travel and experience Europe but want to do so with like-minded people.[br][br]What does Topdeck offer Gap students?[br]The opportunity to travel with people of the same age, with unique itineraries designed specifically for you. For example, flotilla sailing around the Greek Islands in 6 berth boats or doing a cycling tour around Amsterdam - the way the locals do! All this with the support and assistance of 3 European trained Topdeck Crew! Our accommodation is a brilliant mix of hostels, hotels, bungalows or camping in some of Europe’s best campsites. And the food - fabulous![br][br]Check out our 33 Day European Escapade or 27 Day European Explorer on-line or with your Travel Agent. You can always contact our helpful reservations team