Topdeck vs. Contiki?


Hey guys!

I’ve recently caught the travel bug and have been to New Zealand and Europe through the travel company Contiki… The African Safari tours listed on this website sound awesome and aren’t offered by Contiki, so I was wondering what the main differences are between Contiki and Topdeck? Are there any? What’s the age limit for topdeck? Is contiki more party-hard then Topdeck? Just general info on the tours and stuff would also be appreciated, as I’ve never been with another tour agency before!


Kas ;D


Hi Kas,

I’ve done both Contiki and Top Deck tours in Europe and I’ve booked on Top Deck for later this year for my third go round. The main reason for this was that you get treated like an adult on Top Deck.

For camping tours, Contiki and Top Deck share campsites and most itineraries are fairly similar. The difference comes in attitude - there are small inclusions in Top Deck which also change the feel, from more realistic expectations on departure times in cities to advice on how to get places on public transport.

We definitely had our moments on tour for having a big night out, but most people seemed to be on tour to actually see and experience Europe, not just the insides of bars and nightclubs.

I haven’t used either company in Africa, so I can’t give specific advice here, but if I was choosing, I would go with Top Deck.

Stacey :slight_smile: