Topdeck vs. Contiki


Anyone have any advice…I’m trying to decide whether to go for a Topdeck Euroclub or a Contiki Budget tour. I’m a poor poor student. Looking at Contiki’s European escapade & European experiance and Topdeck’s European Getaway & Spirit of Europe. They look pretty similar. Any one stand out to you? Suggestions??


Hi there, you sound like everyone else trying to choose a tour, too many companies, too many tours. You really need to suss out your budget. On a tour there are many optionals that you may want to do, mountain excursions, cultural shows, adventure sports etc, plus you will need to pay for some meals. Europe is expensive, expect to pay 1.5 - 2 times more for goods and services over Canada. The beauty of group touring is that they try to shield you from the high prices by including transport, accomm., your own guide, most meals, and they negotiate group discounts on optional activites. So you will need some spending money for each day of your tour, then longer the tour, the more spending money you will need, so shorter tours will be easier to budget for. Probably budget for $60.00 a day on tour.[br][br]To make your hard earned money go further whilst on tour, Top Deck provided lunches on all drive days. This saves you having to buy expensive take away food from travel stops. Also another tip, on tour, avoid buying snacks at the morning and mid afternoon short breaks. 10 euros will evaporate easily each time, and most people only buy snacks to help pass the time on the coach. Also going out partying can be devastating to the hip pocket. There are opportuninties to hit the local night spots on all tours and it is part of the whole experience, but spending all your money drinking will mean you may miss some of the more cultural options which make your Europe tour memorable. Good luck and hope this helps…


Hello! [br][br]I am also a student from Canada and about a month ago had a pretty similar posting! I could not decide between Contiki or Top Deck and debated about which one to choose for a long time! They seem so similar![br][br]In the end, after searching through these message boards and talking to a few ppl I knew who had been on both, I decided on Top Deck–the European Getaway leaving July 13th! A few reasons why I chose this one were:[br]- there are more lunches provided–about 11 more I think ($ saver!)[br]- i had heard that they are more relaxed with times and if you want to convince the driver to stay somewhere for a few hours longer they will budge, whereas i heard contiki was so strict and on a tight schedule[br]- also, i am quite excited to be in the french riviera/monaco area and on the contiki tour it was only a 1 night stay whereas the top deck is 2 nights there[br]-top deck seemed to have had a few little neat things that appealed to me–staying in a castle in germany-going to the czech rep. instead of liechtenstein, a champagne picnic in paris under the eifel tower! …[br][br]There were other reasons too that me and a few of my friends trying to help me decide had found–something about Top Deck just stood out more to us even though it seems to be the smaller, less popular one.[br][br]Hope this helps! I’m basically in the same boat as you–I chose Top Deck but really don’t know until I go if it was the right choice! Everyone seemed to say that they are both awesome and that it’s all what you make of it! Which is so true! So good luck with the choice! If you happen to be going on the European Getaway on July 13th let me know! It would be cool to have some fellow Canadians on board!![br][br]***Cindy[br]