Topdeck verus Contiki


Hi all,

Anyone done a Topdeck tour before?

I don’t want to ‘party hard’ every night as I really want to do my own thing / see the sights of Europe. Is this a party tour like Contiki? Just want to make sure I have a great time :slight_smile:

Also, anyone know if the hotels on the EuroHotel trips are centrally located?




Hey Ollie,

I did a Topdeck tour last winter (did the Winter Spirit). It was absolutely exhausting but I had such a blast.

I’m not a huge party person and was spending all my money on two months away, so I didn’t want to waste it all on drinking.

There are so many people on these tours that you will always have a group that are happy to stay out all night drinking, but there are also heaps of people who are there mainly to see the sights of Europe and are happy to just have a drink or two and then call it a night.

My tour group and leader were also pretty fabulous and there was no pressure to stay out all night, or to do all the optionals etc. I doubt I will do another tour again but if I did I wouldn’t hesitate to tackle another Topdeck tour.

Hope this helps,


Hello! I think this tour is good!


I did the Mega European and Ultimate Egypt this year and had the time of my life!!! Cannot recommend them highly enough!!!


ps. my trips were definitely not a party trip! while there were a handful of people who drank almost every night, the rest of us were there to actually see Egypt so we enjoyed a nice drink every few days. Don’t get me wrong - there def. were some messy nights! but most of us figured you can get drunk at home and would rather remember out time abroad!!