Topdeck Tour then Staying in London to live/work



I am going on the Winter Spirit departing 1st November, I am then returning to london and staying on a 2 year work visa.
Im wondering if anyone else is doing this or has done this? Id love to get some feedback about set up costs, best areas to live in and just other information about what its like to live in London! i am very excited but kind of nervous too as i am going solo.

Also has anyone opened a UK bank account from Australia prior to leaving? I heard its much easier, which banks are good to go to etc.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Kelly,

Please see our page about moving overseas. Hopefully this helps in some way.

Best of luck,
Team Topdeck


Hi Kelly

I am moving to London from NZ in feb next year.

I have a uk passport so I can stay as long as I like. I am setting an account up with Barclays before I leave. I purchased a pack through britbound who help with bank accounts, national insurance numbers etc


I also forgot to add that britbound help you find jobs and have social events to help make the move easier. I am like you excited but starting to get nervous!