Topdeck tour Stars & Stripes December 2017


Hey everyone!
I’ve booked the Stars & Stripes tour 21st December. I’m really looking forward to it. I did the same tour last year and loved it. I’m going to create a Facebook group for people to chat on. If anyone wants to add me on Facebook Aleisha Jayne.


Hey! My girlfriend and I just booked this tour. We’d love to get in contact with you but couldn’t figure out which profile was yours on Facebook


My husband, two cousins & I have also booked for this trip. First time travellers to the USA.
Any tips for us since this is a repeat tour for you?
Have you already created the Facebook group?




Facebook name Aleisha Jayne
Profile picture of me in the snow.


Facebook name Aleisha Jayne
Profile picture of me in the snow. I couldn’t make the page until I had people to add to it. So when we are friends I’ll make the page and you can ask questions. I’ll do my best to answer.


Hi! I’ve also just booked this tour and am travelling solo from Melbourne! If I add you on Facebook can you add me to the group chat??


Hey my boyfriend and I have booked this trip too!
I couldn’t find your profile on Facebook


I have a different profile picture now. I’m in a pink outfit. Aleisha Jayne


hey guys

I’m on this trip to and love to get chatting before the tour starts


Hey Courtney, link to our facebook group if you’d like to join!
There’s also a group for New York on new years:
Not long to go now! :slight_smile:


thanks so much and i know the months are flying by now
so excited