TopDeck Summer Fun, Average Age? July 12th, 2013


Hi there everybody, my name is Alex. :slight_smile: I am from Orange County, California, and will hopefully be leaving for this trip with my friend Supna from New York City in mid-July this year. We’re both 18 years old and are wondering about the people who’ll be on this trip, especially their mind-set and ages. Supna is worried about booking a Top Deck trip as opposed to an EF College Break trip because EF is open only to 18-25 year olds, whereas Top Deck can include people in their late-30s. This doesn’t really bother me, because age is just a number, but I also figure that our trip’s group will skew much younger, around 18-22, because its in prime summer break territory. Is this true, based on your guys’ personal experience?
I’m open to anything, but am trying to convince Supna that it won’t be just us and a bunch of 36 year olds, or that age doesn’t really matter in such a big group, because I’m not down for a Contiki booze cruise or the less interesting trips EF offers. Any commentaries on the possible age makeup of summer vacation trips and the personalities of the people typically attending would be very welcome. I’ve heard that Contiki is more for intense partying that can interfere with the trip, and that Topdeck offers a better balance of partying and culture. I’m very interested in Eastern Europe and that kind of balanced mentality, and that’s why I want to go. Feel free to PM me with any comments or introductions, especially if you’re considering this trip too :slight_smile: I’d love to make some new friends before we even begin.

Thanks, everybody,


Hey Alex!
Which trip did you say you were looking at? The Eastern Pathways?
My name is Nicole and I’m from Sydney, Australia :slight_smile: Nice to meet you!
In answer to your age question, i’m 19 years old and I think you’ll find that most people will be on the younger end of the scale as opposed to the older (this is just a guess, but it’s what i’m predicting). But as you said, age is just a number and i don’t really think your friend will feel like they’re on a seniors trip.
Like yourself i’m not really down for a booze trip either, which is exactly why I chose Topdeck over Contiki! Contiki definitely has a rep for being a bit more crazy and rowdy (although my travel agent tried to convince me otherwise…apparently Contiki is trying to ‘get away from that image’).
If I had to take a guess I would say most people on this trip will be friendly, adventurous people looking to explore cultures and see the world. Apparently more people travel single than with a travel buddy so this means that there should be plenty of people looking to make new friends!
Hope this was somewhat helpful :slight_smile: