Topdeck-provided Sim Cards


Hi all,

I need to know if my iPhone 3 will work in Europe if I get it ‘unlocked’… It’s an old phone still on the 3 network but obviously perfect for calling and internet access. So does the sim card provided by top deck work on any unlocked phone, anywhere in the world?

Or am I better off getting a cheap pre-paid phone once I get there?



I was also wondering the same thing about the sim card or buying a cheap one there. How do you know if your phone is unlocked?


It depends if you bought it through a phone company or not - if you bought it outright (ie. from apple, nokia, etc) it won’t be locked to a network.

You can test it by putting a different simcard in your phone (not the same network as your own). If it works, it’s unlocked :slight_smile:


if your on 3, generally their phones cannot be unlocked at all, any other network is easily unlocked if you just call their customer service :slight_smile:


so will topdeck sim card fit in an unlocked iphone4?


Do the sims come in “micro slim sims” for iPhone 4? My sim card is half the size of a normal one…
Or is taking the good old Nokia the best idea? My iPhone is also my laptop lol. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I agree with you that 3 sometimes does a round about to unlock their network.But I was lucky enough to unlock my mobile through another unlock service provider.I availed a remote unlocking service and had my iPhone unlocked.


I got the Topdeck SIM for my iphone4s on my recent trip with them to Australia. While it did fit it did NOT work in my phone, even tho it seemed fine when I “tested” it in the US (where I live) beforehand. If I could do it over again I would opt to call my current provider and workout a worldwide calling/data plan. Even tho it does appear to be a lot of money per minute/text, you will be using it very infrequently as a lot of places have wifi (for which you can use whatsapp). A tourmate of mine also purchased a SIM from a company other than topdeck and that didn’t work in her iPhone either. So my advise is don’t risk it. You wont be on your phone at all anyway :).


We’ve been looking into sim cards for Europe, and mainly something that has data and roams throughout Europe.

We found Europasim to be the best for us:"Europa%20SIM-Card"

Its one of the very few that focuses on data. We definitely don’t plan on calling anyone, save an emergency. And text messages are pretty much irrelevant if you have data and can email/facebook etc.

For our 5 week holiday, internet use of up to 100mb/day will end up costing us about 100€ ($125AUD)… which in the scheme of the whole holiday isn’t much at all. We’re mostly interested in google maps and other research stuff while on the go. We’ll probably put the europasim card into our tablet, but may also use a smartphone when out and about (eg. maps).