Topdeck or Cosmos


Hi[br][br]I just wanted to say thank you to all the posters. You have helped me rule out Contiki as it is just not suitable for me.[br][br]So that leaves me with tossing up between Topdeck or Cosmos.[br][br]Has any one travelled or heard about both?[br][br]I am tossing up either the Topdeck 28 Day Grand European Tour or Cosmos’s 27 Day European Masterpiece.[br][br]I know Cosmos use hotels rather than cabins and that the age group is not limited like with Topdeck. But even without the limit they do get mostly under 35s.[br][br]How are the optionals? I’ve looked at the Cosmos list and they are numerous and quite expensive if you do them all. Almost as much as the tour.[br][br]I am after a European experience where I can see the sights. Learn more about Europe and meet new friends as I am travelling on my own. As it is my first trip I would like a bit of hand holding and guidance but also enough freedom to do my own thing for a couple of hrs each day.[br][br]Thank you.[br]