Topdeck or Contiki?


Hi, [br][br]Just wondering if anyone who has been on a topdeck tour before can recommend them -[br]Im tossing up between European Wonder and a contiki one - I realise its probably all pretty similar but i was wondering if there is anything that distinguishes topdeck?[br][br]Bridgett


Bridgett,[br][br]I looked into Contiki before some one told me about Topdeck. In the end I went through the itinerary and found that they are much the same. But what it came down to for me was that Topdeck was cheaper overall not just the final price but when you look into it you get more for you money when it comes to the food element and everything counts when your on a buget. I counted the meals offered on both and Topdeck came out on top by a mile and I estimated that if I had to pay for these I would be out of pocket a few hundred dollars or more. [br][br]I have also heard a lot of great things about Topdeck from friends whohave travelled with them. [br][br]I will be going on my first trip on a couple of months, so I guess I will know a lot more then.[br][br]Happy Travelling.[br][br]Cheers.:slight_smile:


Also something you might want to consider is the amount of free time that you need. Contiki is much more scheduled, but Topdeck offers more free time to explore the cities on your own.[br][br]lauren


have you decided anything further about which tour to take?[br][br][br]lauren


Not really. Im getting a little confused actually. Contiki only run hotel tours when im going, so it has twin share rooms with private facilities, but continental (aka crappy) breakfasts. Also, i dont drink, so their booze tour reputation doesnt really appeal to me.[br][br]The topdeck one appears to have awesome breakfasts (most important meal of the day!) and be better value for money, as well as having an extra night in Switzerland, where i really want to go. But not sure about the dorm-style accommodation. I guess it will just be like a school camp again![br][br]I guess i am kind of leaning toward topdeck…


Hey Guys[br]I think what you all have said is great. I have done a contiki though and I really enjoyed it. I went in Winter and it was hotel style accomm and it was all really nice accomm especially in Barcelona an Austria, The hotels were really nice. Also the breakfasts overall were pretty great. There were only one or two places that were average most of the time we had a great range of food to choose from from cereal to toast to fruit to hot food and more. Contiki does has the rep for being a bit boozy but that is always up to you. we had people that lived it up then others that werent big drinkers it really was an awesome time[br]I’m sure that Top Deck would be great too though.[br]It’s all about what you make it and who your on tour with that makes it a good time…[br]Id probably suggest trying to go by the destinations…Where do you really wanna go…Let that make it up for you because I’m sure you’ll enjoy whatever you do[br][br]Hope you have a great time :slight_smile:


I haven’t been on a contiki, but having been on a topdeck tour I wouldn’t bother about contiki. Topdeck was great!!! Plenty of big nights if that is what you want, but quiet nights are just as often, so you get the best of both worlds. We met a contiki group and a few of the girls on there said how horrible it was being just a drunken sexfest. I guess it depends on what you want, but I can’t recommend topdeck enough.


Hi Bridgett,[br]I am a Tour Leader with Topdeck Travel.[br]The main differences you will find with Topdeck and Contiki is:[br][br]1. Free Time- Its essential as well as doing group activities that you have your own time to explore the sights. Everyone comes to Europe for different reasons, we personalize your time to suit you.[br]We dont treat you like its school camp.[br][br]2. On The Road Cooks- as well as eating traditional foods, our cooks will cater for dietary needs. They can cook up a storm and the food is fantastic. Hotel tour, you will eat alot in restaurants becuse we dont use our cooks on these tours.[br][br]I hope i have helped


Hi Bridgett,[br][br]6 months ago, I was in the same boat as you. I couldnt find anyone that had done a Topdeck tour and was hesitant to go Contiki. I took a punt and chose Topdeck. Their prices were better and they just sounded GOOD! I have just returned from the Euro Odyssey tour a week or so ago (Euro Odyssey) and cannot recommend Topdeck highly enough!![br][br]A perfect combo…[br]Lots of sightseeing[br]Lots of partying (if you choose to)[br]Lots of free time[br]Great staff[br]Great bus[br]Great locations[br][br]I had the time of my life, and wasnt even bargaining for it.[br]Any thing I can let you know about, let me know. Im still OS, so will not be regularly checking emails, but will try and remember when I do![br][br][br][br]Sammi


Sammi,[br][br]I am planning to go on the Odyssey on Oct 19. Can you tell me how the tour was? Any tips?