Topdeck or Backpacking?


Having a dilema here, I was pretty sure that I was going backpacking but now having had a look at the Topdeck website and tours I have found one that goes everywhere we intend on going plus heaps more. I just can’t decide. Has anyone on here done the Grand European? I’d just like some feedback about it if possible, and secondly is there anyone planning on doing this tour in April 2007?


the difference would be freedom to spend as much or little time in one place if you are backpacking or trying to do as much as possible in a short period of time. I am doing tour because I only have a month before I have to be back in Australia, if however I had more time I would of bought either busabout pass or euro rail pass and gone it alone.


Yeah well I have only got just over 6 weeks off work; so will most likley have no more than 5 weeks. It is just not possibly to fit everythin I want to do into that amount of time! Quite depressing! I agree with what you say though but still can’t choose because there are so many pros and cons of both. Have you done a tour with topdeck before? When are you doing your tour?


I have done Pamplona and Oktoberfest with Top Deck and had a great time, a friend did an 18 day tour last year and loved it. [br][br]I am heading off on 25 days at end of August… I had some problems cause the original tour I booked was cancelled and Top Deck did everything they could to ensure I could get onto another one.[br][br]Value for money wise think a tour is a great idea as I had about 5 more places I wanted to go before I went home, if I did each one individually was going to cost at least ?1000, with out any meals and in some places no accomodation.[br][br]Maybe go on a 3 week tour and then you can head back to any place you wanted to spend more time… or go and do a tour in Ireland or Scotland.