Topdeck Optional Extras & Hostel/ Hotel List


So has anyone had any luck getting in contact with Topdeck regarding the optional extras list…
My travel agent said they should available online 6 weeks before your tour begin… mine starts in about a months times, i still have no list. I have emailed Topdeck several times to no response thanks! my travel agent has also contacted topdeck and they told her, ‘it’s going to up the internet in 1 week’, this was over 2 weeks ago!
Its getting beyond a joke, i’d ideally like to budget so that I know how much money to put away for these because you have to pay up front on the first day of the tour. It would also be great to be sent a list of hostels/hotels we are staying at! Topdeck can you please (yes i did ask politely) to upload this information to your website! Or does anyone on the forums have this info, I’m doing the Spirit of Europe trip if thats helpful.

Rant over…


I completely agree that its frustrating not knowing. My trip isn’t until July but as its the 49 day camping trip I would also appreciate a heads up on what my budgeting needs should be. I’m really worried about not having enough money to do as many of the optionals as I want.

My guess is that Topdeck is still finalizing some of the optional prices and details and wants to put up as accurate a list as possible. Though I’m pretty sure some of the summer tours have already started at the March.

Does anyone have a comprehensive list from last year?


I’ve got some pricing from 2009’s Grand European:

Paradis Latin Cabaret Show €54
Fat Tyre Bike Tour €20
Seine River Cruise €8

Jungfrau Approx 137CHF
Skydiving 430CHF

Flamenco Show €30

Vatican Museums Tour €37
Gondola Ride €19
Commemorative T-Shirt €18-€35

Postojna Caves €14-€20

Rab Island Cruise €20

Group Photo €10
Mountainside Dinner €20
Mountainside Bike Hire €20
Canyon Jumping €59
Tandem Paragliding €99
Skydiving €206

Third Reich Tour €9

Canal Cruise Evening €28

Hope this helps,
Stacey :slight_smile:


I wish the Switzerland skydiving was closer in cost to the skydiving in Austria. 430 Francs is a lot.


Hey All

Apologies for the delay in receiving the optional extras list. It is due to be uploaded on the website this week so be sure to check back!

Thanks for your patience!

Topdeck Team


I agree its more than a $200 CAN difference. Ouch!


Yeah, skydiving in US is about 250 dollars (thats a relly good deal). But! I would definitely recommend skydiving if you havent done it before because free falling is awesome!


The list is up for my trip but it seems really short. Any idea if that’s the final one? There was supposed to be skydiving and the heineken experience. I’m on the essential europe may 18


I see the optionals list for the mega trip is now available. Is it true you have to book each optional tour at the start of the trip?? seems a little odd.


Has anyone received their hotel/hostel list yet? Does anyone know what hotel/hostels are used for the Grand European?



Hi Everyone

The final optional lists for all Summer European trips have been posted on the website. Just enter your trip and you will find the PDF documents on the right hand side below ‘What’s Included’.

We do not expect you to commit to the optional activities from the start of your trip. You will be notified about each optional activity by your trip leader as they come up and there is no pressure to join if you don’t want to.

Hope this helps!

Topdeck Team


Do you know if there will be a list of optionals posted for the Iberian Voyager? I can’t find any on the page at the moment, only the itinerary and predeparture info.


Admin, I have four trips this summer and only one of them have optionals

The Great Eastern Has only three optionals on the list, will more be added soon?
The Pamploma Fiesta has no optionals
The Croatia Sailing has no optionals
The Trail of Columbus (which is a continuation of the Iberian Voyager I think) has no optionals

Should I be worried?



Hi there

There are indeed only three optionals for the Great Eastern. The Pamplona Fiesta has a day trip to San Sebastian and no optional activities list. Croatia Sailing’s optional list is located in the pre-departure information on the trip page on the website and we are still waiting on confirmation for the optional activities for the Trail of Columbus.

Please bear in mind that there are walking tours in most locations and your trip leader will advise you of any attractions and things to do that are not included in the optional activities list.

Hope this helps and keep an eye out for the optional activities for the Trail of Columbus!

Hope this helps! :smiley:


On my tour our trip leader would generally tell us about the options coming up over the next few days (maybe the next 2 cities on the tour) while travelling on the bus to give us a couple of days or so to decide and sort our money out, then get your decision and collect money usually the day before the activity (which would be while on the bus into the relevant city). Decisions are usually needed a day in advance as she would have to ring in to confirm the numbers/booking.


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