TopDeck Offical paper and packs


Morning All,

I’ve just had the wonderful news that my European Emperor Tour (dep 13th July 2010) is almost full and is going ahead. Does anyone know when the offical papers normally go out? And are they mailout out to you or if you booked through a travel agent do they get them?

Can’t wait!!


Hey andadans, Ive been wondering the same thing :slight_smile: My Spirit of Europe tour leaves the same day, so i would believe that our info packs would be sent out at the same time. I was told by my travel agent that we receive our info packs about a month before out trip. So far I haven’t been sent anything about it even though I booked and paid for my “guaranteed departure” tour in November. I think we will have to wait to may-June. I hope it comes earlier as I’m so excited.



I am going on a tour in May and got told we should get them about 8 weeks before your tour departs.

Hope this helps


European Getaway May 8th 2010


Hey Guys

You should receive your pre-departure information and itinerary 6 weeks before your trips departs. If you have gone through a travel agent your documents will be sent to them and they will then pass them onto you.

Let me know if you have any other queries!

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Hmmm…I’m going on two tours, 8th July and 14th August, but I actually leave for Europe on 5th June. This means I’ll receive my 8th July pre-departure info before I leave, but what about the 14th August info? Thanks.


Hey there

Your travel documents are all sent via email so you will be able to receive the documents for your 2nd trip whilst travelling.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Topdeck Team