Topdeck for solo traveller?


Hi all

I was just about to book my first topdeck tour (Canadian Rockies) on tour radar and it wouldn’t allow me to book a twin room to share with a random, I could only book the single supplicant price so I left it.

I’m 26 and travelling solo, I did two contiki’s when I was 20 and 21 but from memory I think I may be a little too old to do the Contiki, so wanted to try topdeck. However is topdeck different to contiki in this way? Can I only book if I pay for a room just for me? Is topdeck mainly couples or solo travellers? Don’t want to go if I’m going to be the third wheel to 25 couples.



Hi Stew1, TopDeck is mostly single people. Even as a couple, you can’t book a room to yourselves. Occasionally couples get lucky and can get a room to themselves, but generally males and females are separated. Just like staying in a backpackers. Hotel upgrades, you might be able to stay with your other half.

TopDeck is 18 - 39 year olds.


I did Topdeck last august in USA and it was the best. (it was this hotel trip and twin share)
Most people were solo travellers but we also had a few couples. we also had a wide range of ages - some 18 and the oldest guy was 39.
I was 35 at the time and went on my own …You wont be the third wheel I promise.

You get tonnes of free time ( i did an awesome Contiki tour around europe a few years ago - i felt we got more free time on the Topdeck trip)
This was great as I had a few things planned that no-one else wanted to do.
I also found Topdeck a lot more chilled - no pressure to go our partying EVERY night like there was on Contiki.

Its strange though that you cant book it correctly as twin room …is it cheaper on tour radar?? if the same price, you should book it direct with Topdeck and it should be no issue.

Hope that helps
By the way - my flatmate did the Canadian Rockies tour last year too and she LOVED it!!

:slight_smile: Leah


Hi ,
Im not sure how old your post is , but i have just recently finished my 3rd solo contiki at the age of 28 and i definatly wasnt “too old” . Contik goes upto 35 years old and on all 3 of my trips there have been travellers there in their thirties, so if you want to do it just do it , i have never done a Topdeck trip , but have heard that they are similar and may actually be better at catering for “older” travellers.