TopDeck European Wonder [August 01 - 15, 2006]


Here I come Europe —>>>[br][br]This is Danny from Florida, USA. I have been to Europe many times before but I hope this time is going to be by far the best. I am coming along with my brother and I hope to get to know some of the people going in this trip. Only two weeks left so GET READY people…and don’t hesitate to introduce yourself ahead of time just so we all are more relaxed when we actually meet for a hole lot of 15 days of adaventure.[br][br][br]


Hi,[br]Im Lauren from South Africa and Im on your trip. Im traveling solo though so it was great to find some others on the trip.[br][br]Are you both staying in Globetrotter the night before?


Hey![br]OOH! This is exciting! I’m Gavin 21 from Australia… I’ll be coming on this tour with my girlfriend Camilla. Can’t wait!.. It’s gonna be awesome.