Topdeck Europe Uncovered - 7 June to 28 June



My boyfriend and I are starting our 2 month holiday with this tour. I haven’t seen any post for this tour. Are there any others coming on this tour? I’m hoping it’s running?


Hi My husband and I are doing this tour too :slight_smile: We are hoping its going also!!! What country are you from?


Hi, I’m also doing the Europe Uncovered tour on the 7 June. I’m pretty sure it is going ahead. Have you guys spoken to anyone else doing the tour? :slight_smile:


Hey, we’re from Albury, NSW. Can’t wait. Only 36 days to go :slight_smile:


Hey, I spoke to our travel agent yesterday and she confirmed its on. You two are the only people I have heard from going on this tour.


Yeah you guys are the only ones I’ve spoken to as well? Are you guys staying at Umi Hotel before the tour departs?
I can’t wait either I haven’t had a decent holiday in almost 2 years! :slight_smile:


Not long to go now guys!!


Are any of you staying at the UMI hotel the night before the tour leaves? We should all meet up for a drink? :slight_smile: