Topdeck Cough?


Hi All!!![br][br]I have heard alot about the infamous Contiki Cough… However I havent heard alot about a similar bug being common on Topdeck Tours.[br][br]Has anyone got any information about common illness’s they come across on a Topdeck Tour, and any tips or hints we can share on keeping healthy so we can all enjoy our trip as much as we can![br][br]Generally I tend to find the following helps me keep away from the flu - exercise (alot :-[), take multivitamins and a probiotic drink (eg. yakult) daily, and the good old remedy that my Nanna drilled into us… keeping your kidneys warm lol.[br][br]Chell[br][br]Chell[br]Spirit of Europe[br]14th October 2008


Hi Chell,[br][br]We did our tour in the european winter so I was a bit worried about getting sick as my mate had done one with Topdeck before and came down with a really bad lurgy…So I took vitamins all the way through and didn’t get sick at all! About 10 people out of 40+ got sick at varying stages throughout the tour…:slight_smile:


Yeah heaps of people got sick on my tour in June last year, just coughs and colds etc and of course everyone had hangovers. Best to take some cold and flu tablets in case you need them and lots and lots of paracetamol/panadol[br][br]Sarah


yeah we had a few people get colds and a stomach bug went around but not everyone got either… just keep up your vitamins and take a berocca or something each morning might be an idea… some days you can get a lot of exercise with all the walking but others when your on the bus not so much… and not many of the stops have fruit or healthy options really but look around…


I got gastro on my tour, was sick for 5 days and there was 3 of us that got it. It was horrible but I just suggest that you wash your hands alot and take a bottle of hand sanitiser on your trip. There was also the cold going around but that was about it…[br][br]Discover Europe - 11 June 2008


I don’t mean to get all personal lol, but i suggest all women take moist toilet wipes (pH ballanced- to prevent thrush) and panty liners and change them regularly throught the day. make sure to stay clean and dry to prevent urinary tract infections. [br][br]a girl on my sisters tour developed a UTI, and they are very common especialy when you don’t have as much time for personal grooming etc lol. i also suggest pack a couple of sachets of Ural just in case. [br][br]ive seen too people on the ward who let it get so bad they develop kidney infections- this is the last thing you want on holidays![br][br]phew… now that weve covered that nasty little base we can all relax haha xx(


Some people on my trip got really bad sore throats and one went to the hospital to see a doctor it was that bad. I would advise to take some Betadine Sore throat gargle or take some of the throat spray with you. Will come in handy.


Yo everyone, got back from Grand European tour bout a month ago.[br]Severl injurys/illnesses I encountered…[br][br]* Sunburn - the kookiest tanlines i have EVER seen! Do NOT fall asleep on a Medditeranean beach somewhere without sunblock![br]* Bus cough, obviously[br]* A girl had some serious cankles going on with her feet. Not wanting to miss out on all the fun she never took any of her fellow traveller’s advice to sit down and drink water for a day. It just got worse and worse and she ended up in a lot of pain and went to hospital in Rome (much to the annoyance of the trip leader who escorted her when the doctor said the exact same thing we all told her previously!)[br]* LOOK AFTER YOUR FEET! LOOK AFTER YOUR FEET! PLEASE LOOK AFTER YOUR FEET!!! Take strapping bandage with you for the inevitable blisters you will in ecounter, i ended up getting one on my litle toe… the size of my little toe! iiiiew![br]* Take some Fixamol with you, its a semi-pereable adhesive banage strip that heals up your scrapes that someone will inevidable get (its water-proof too!)[br]* For gastro problems you may want to consider taking Gastroltye you can get from your chemist (effervencent tablets that balance out your salts to make you regular again).[br][br]thats all i can think of really. Just take a good 1st aid kit, mine came in handy at least a dozen times.[br][br]Liz from Perth [br]Grand European June 17![br]+ Thailand and Laos!


Beware of sunburn! i’m serious… one girl on our trip got fairly badly sunburnt and was out of alot of the action for bout 4 days and with the pace of these trips that was 3 cities! Seriously… put sunscreen on, don’t try to be ‘cool’ and bake on the beach for too long and drink plenty of water (all the time, not just when it is hot)… also if u r likely to get sunburnt… bring the aloe gel!![br][br]To fight off any cold and stuff…Vitamins! (and lots of water too) i was camping so was even more likely to get sick… a few ppl got coughs and stuff (i actually didn’t get sick til the day after my tour) but yeah i didn’t think of taking vitamins til i was on tour and bought some in the 2nd city we were in then took them every morning (good for hangovers too… mine were like beroca)…


I can’t swallow tablets so what does anyone suggest for me to keep healthy on my month long trip?[br][br]Thanks,[br][br]Nic :slight_smile:


BEROCA!! or else crush the tablets put them with 30 ml of water and drink it…


i went on a 14 day tour and managed to get sick at the end. i didnt drink or party hard and got sick. it just happens being stuck on a bus with 48 other people.


I did the 14 day European Wonder tour and everyone on the bus got sick just the cough because as soon as one person gets it it just goes through the air conditioning on the bus and spreads it’s that simple.[br][br]European Wonder 16th July.[br][br]A bad day on holidays is still better than a good day at work!!!


Another good way is to get sick before the trip so you are better just as its starting hehe and you can be the one to give it to everyone else :stuck_out_tongue: hehe.


thats what happened to me billy! and about 4 other people on the tour… we got sick just befor ethe tour started and made everyone else sick![br][br]i was on a 3 week tour and was sick for 2 weeks of it because its just so exhausting (fantastic though!!) then after that i got a chest infection when i was travelling through germany and had to go to the dr!![br][br]I had the best time tho!! I suggest taking ecchinacea, berocca and drink lots of water![br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


It sounds as though its best to just be prepared to get sick!


Hi All[br][br]Well yep as others have said 90% of our bus got the flu/cough/stomach bug. I would def recommend taking:[br]* multivitamins/berocca[br]* pack of cold and flu tabs[br]* strepsils/cough drops[br]* anti nausea and immodium tabs (i was dealing mine out to others constantly!)[br][br]as long as you keep warm, get sleep and dont drink every single night you will still be able to keep treking… even with a cough :)[br][br]Chell[br]Spirit of Europe[br]14th October 2008


ha ha, ahh the good old colds. great aren’t they!!! i got one from the airport or plane going over. felt sorry for my friends in denmark, hoping i didn’t give them a cold. yeh the first half of our tour 75% got a cold. Someone else had a cold just as we started the tour. Few goodnights sleep will help. I think colds are just common on any sort of bus tour though.[br]On the redstar, sunscreen generally is a good thing and the girls had wipes because not all toilets have paper. I took nurofen because its fairly strong. i used some for my cold and a mate used some because he hurt his shoulder.[br] Just don’t presume you won’t get a cold though or even worse, sunburnt.[br]cheers, have fun;D


There’s always someone on the trip aswell that’s coming on slightly under the weather.[br][br]That someone for my trip was me! Consequently whenever anyone was ill on the bus I got the blame - booooo![br][br]Good holiday tho - just power through it you’ll be fine![br]I also packed myself up with vitamins and crazy medicine just to help :p[br][br]Lee


Maybe it’s me being naive butgetting a cold on my trip i can handle because seeing as i’m going in their summer hopefully the weather will help me get better quicker. As for stomach bugs and the like i’m hoping that it doesn’t affect the trip TOO much!![br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European July 2009 :)[br]+ Britain & Ireland[br]+ Greek Islands