Topdeck App


I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S6


I love the app. I think whoever designed it is amazing!
I am using an iPhone 6


I emailed them almost a week ago and no change. :neutral_face:


Hey beccaboo,

Let me chase this up for you!

Anita from Topdeck


Beccaboo I’m the exact same haha :smile:


Hi guys, this should be completed today - I will let you know when I have confirmation.

Sorry about the wait!


Anita from Topdeck


Hi All,

Just to confirm these fixes were completed so hopefully all your DOBs should be coming up correctly on your phones.

Anita from Topdeck


Mine still hasn’t.


Try to log out of the app and log back again - see if the data has refreshed.

Let me know how you go.

Anita from Topdeck


I just logged out and back in and still hasn’t changed :yum:


Thanks Guys - I will raise this with the developers and come back to you ASAP.


Anita from Topdeck


Mine has been updated. Thank you so much for your help! :slight_smile:


You’re most welcome. Glad it worked.

Have a great trip - and please don’t forget to use the app.

Best wishes,

Anita from Topdeck


Mines updated now :slight_smile: thank you for your assistance!


Hey all,

I was having the same problem but after updating the app it works properly.


Like the app. Found so many features. Awesome job done by developers. Like social sharing, which is done straight from the app most.