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I got all my paperwork sent to me about my trip and in the notes it told me I could sign up for the topdeck App. Im having trouble signing up and my reference number is apparently wrong. Is anyone else having troubles with this?


Exactly the same here


Hi! I just got the app and it’s working beautifully. I haven’t explored its full potential but so far looks like it is / will be exceptionally useful! :smile:


Did you just add it onto your mobile?


Yes I did @aprilh - downloaded the app, entered my email address, booking reference and password and I was up and running in no time :smile:

I am assuming that you have an account on the website?


Hello @aprilh and others,

Topdeck Official App is currently available on Europe only products. We are currently working on upgrading it to other products as well. We will keep you updated.

@shikharb is correct, you need to have a My Topdeck Account in order to login to the app whilst on Europe products.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Team Topdeck


Oh no worries didn’t realise it was for Europe only.



Yep I do but just got told its for Europe trips only and im not going to Europe


Thank you for the information. Going to New Zealand :smile:


Oh, my land! You’ll like NZ @susi :smile:


When do you go susi?


I know I will! The tour starts 12th November.


Oh must be after me mine starts the 1st. Hope you have a great time!


Hi @admin!
I have created a My Topdeck Account, and I have a booking reference number, but I still can’t log into the app… I made my booking through a travel agent and she emailed the trip notes to me (rather than Topdeck directly). Does that mean it’s her email address connected to my booking, not mine? Can anyone help??
Thanks :grin:


Hi @leminuzzo,

The app log ins should work with your details even if you booked via an agent as long as you had a Europe booking & have a My Topdeck Account - did you create your Topdeck account by going through this process:

Probably the easiest way to resolve this issue for you would be if you could email me with your booking reference, surname, DOB and the e-mail address you wish to use and I will fix this for you.

The app team is based in London so please bear with us if you are based outside Europe.


Anita @ Team Topdeck


Thanks @admin! I did eventually get the app working :smile: I don’t know what was going wrong before. But all’s well that ends well :thumbsup:


I downloaded the app but I can’t seem to change my birthday. It’s stuck on the 1st Jan 1970.


I am in the same boat as you kyliemann


Me too. So glad it’s not just me.


Hi All,

The app pulls your birthday from our back end reservations system - if it is not in there yet, it defaults to 1/1/1970.

Please e-mail your DOBs with your booking reference to, we will get your records updated and it should pull back into the app.

Would you mind also telling me what kind of phones you are using please??

Hope you like the app - any other issues or suggestions, give us a shout!

Anita from Topdeck