Topdeck App Help


Hey Topdeckers, just wondering who else uses the Topdeck App? And wondering if anyone else has issues using the chat part of the app? Or am I really the only one on my trips with it!!??


Hi, I have this app for my trip and not had any responses on the chat since I got it at start of April! I’m thinking the same thing why there’s no one else on it on my trip :frowning: I think it’s because it’s so new and people don’t know about it xxx


I’ve been trying to use it for 2 seperate tours, and have met people for one of them through it, but we’ve moved the chat to a Facebook group cause the app kept disconnecting us and sometimes wouldn’t load. I’ve had no luck with anyone from my second tour on it


Same here… no one else is in the chat!


Hey all. Also with regard to the app, Next to the countdown of how many days to go, there is a green “check in” tab with a number, what does that number mean? Thank you


I think it indicates the fields in your profile that you still have to fill out.


Thank you! That makes sense


Anybody else still having trouble with the app? Chat constantly says disconnected and the tour is just over a month away.


I’m not even able to get into the app. I went on a tour last year and it was still connected to that until recently (I had only checked as I was waiting on booking number for this years tours) When I’ve tried to add this years tours on the app crashes and I’ve tried both numbers.


The app sucks! Anyone on your tour would have to load the chat to see if youve written anything, they dont send notifications. We just made a facebook group instead, so much easier


Such a pain! Would be nice to see who’s going on the trip. Oh well, guess it’ll be a surprise!


I’ve been emailing the web app guys ( and they keep saying they’re working on a fix and it will be out by the end of the week but I keep checking and it doesnt work. Very frustrating as it seems to have been going on for a while now and my trip is less than 3 weeks away. Come on Topdeck, lift your game!


Hi I think I’m having trouble with mine too, it’s 30 days until my tour and it’s still showing that no one else is using the app from my tour. Not sure if it is trouble with the app or if people are just not using it.