Topdeck and ETOA


Hi there, I’m hoping a topdeck employee or travelled person can help me with this one.

My travel agent is trying to sell me insurance that covers Tourism and Airline insolvency. Being part of the ETOA does this mean that as Topdeck is bonded that if they go under I’ll get my money back? do I need to have bought the tour through topdeck or in Europe itself? If someone can clarify this for me it would be appreciated a lot.

Thanks in advance


What the Travel Agent may be talking about is insurance against the collapse of the airline who you may be flying with. All Topdeck trips are land content only. ETOA (The European Tour Operators Association) is a Travel Association that we belong to, but which does not offer financial protection. However all clients that travel with Topdeck are financially protected by either the Travel Compensation Fund or by a special policy taken out by Topdeck in the UK. In the very unlikely event that Topdeck should collaspe all money paid by clients for their Topdeck trip would be refunded. Dennis Jack Topdeck


Thank you for the reply. I asked my travel agent who didn’t even confirm an answer. She also meant the airlines but was also pushing to get us covered for our topdeck tour.

however, I can’t imagine either you or our common airline going under.

Has anyone else gotten cover for this or not so worried?


I wouldn’t be too worried so long as you have organised your normal travel insurance. Like Topdeck said it is very unlikely they are going to go under.

Sounds like your Travel agent might just be trying to make money out of you. A normal insurance should cover u if something happens that is not ur fault i.e. flights cancelled.