Topdeck Africa Trips!


Hi Guys :)[br][br]I’m looking into doing an African trip with Topdeck as I had the most amazing time on the Grand European a few months back.[br][br]Has anyone done any Africa trips through Topdeck?[br]If so, how was it? any advice etc??[br]Thanks heaps[br]x[br][br]…Colina…[br]…Grand European - July 28th 2009…[br]?The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.? - Saint Augustine


I want to do an Africa trip with Topdeck too! I went to Egypt with them in Feb and wanna do another Topdeck trip. I am having a few problems with the Africa trips though… they dont seem to come up with the dates and prices like the other trips. Have you found the same thing? Where abouts in Africa are you wanted to go? I think I am going to do Victoria Falls down to Johannesburg and then maybe head to Cape Town on the way home[br][br]Pyramids and Beaches, February 2009


We did the 42 Day Southern Explorer in 2008. It was amazing. It was really different to Europe, not just the landscape and the people but also the trip itself was a lot more laid back - kind of like the African nations themselves. I would definitely recommend it - most people on our truck were doing it on their way home from teh Uk back to Aus or NZ!