If anyone has already done a topdeck tour, please let me know what the accommodation is like. Im planning to go on European wonder which includes France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany and Netherlands. If anyone has been to any of these places let me know what the accommodation was like…which hotels,hostels and campsites did u stay at? What was the 12th century castle like in germany? As well i was wondering if campsites have showers…and what are they like?

Also if you are able to give a review of the European wonder…please post here

As well if anyone has pictures of the places u stayed at…please let me know


Hi Tatiana,

All the campgrounds have showers and I found that most of the bathrooms where really clean. If you’re going to the campgrounds, I recommend getting up early (6:30-7am) as the lines will be shorter and the bathroom generally tidier.

All the cabins in the campgrounds are basic but clean. You will still needs an inner sheet or sleeping bag here though.

I haven’t been to the castle, but I stayed in the Gasthof in Austria and it was great.



Hi Tatiana
Didnt do a camping tour, was in hostels and the caravan type lodges in Venice. it was all good. The castle was stunning, up on the hillside and its a interesting walk back down to it we went down as soon as we got there, and had a walk round the little town. Had a beer in a little pub down a side alley. Was great.
Amsterdam the hostel advertises itsself as the worst one in Amsterdam, kind of tongue in cheek as it was fine and probably quite good by the standards of others there. Kirchdorf in Austria was lovely to.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Well i know about the sleeping bag…but will i need to bring a pillow as well?


also i was wondering…at all those places…hostels…castle…campsites…will i be able to charge my camera, i have that camera where a battery will need to be charged every day…


I had a little travel pillow in a compression pack. others had inflatable ones and some normal pillows. adding a jumper sheet etc to pad it up was fine for me. As for charging was able to keep things topped up as was always plugs in the hostels, my camera just takes four normal batteries so could buy more if i got caught short. Can always carry your charger with you and sneek some power when your in pubs restaurants etc and come across an outlet or just ask if they can charge it. no harm in asking.
Don’t worry bout not having things tho, there’s more shops than you need in a lifetime and can always pick up things you find you could do with.


Hi Tatiana

I did a European Getaway with Topdeck last year and am looking at doing another trip with Topdeck this year. The accommodation was absolutely fine. Its all a good mix of hotels, hostels and cabins at campsites. Don’t expect 5 star but all the accommodation is clean and well located and you spend so little time in your room that it doesn’t even matter. I had, honest to god, the time of my life and met such great people!

I brought my own sleeping bag (as it is recommending on EuroClub trips) and I did use it although most places had bedding.

Happy to answer any other questions!