Top Deck tour guides/drivers/cooks?


hi everyone,[br][br]i wanted to ask about people working for top deck, i’ve heard they are very funny and also great for party, games, but they also know a lots about places and history etc. [br][br]my friend did a top deck tour this year, she absolutely loved all 3of them. she said they so much better than contiki(she did a tour with contiki as well, but she said top deck is so much better, now she hates contiki peole…;))[br][br]Maybe she was just lucky, so can you please let me know, are they all that great? anyone who did a tour with them? i planing to go on trip next year.[br][br]thanks a lot[br][br]marcela (from brazil)[br]


hey there. [br][br]I did the summer sailing this year. A totally amaziing time, could not have asked for more. Moose the bus driver, total legend, very very funny man. Cherie our tour leader. It was her first tour but you’d think she had been doing it for years. Danni the cook, complete cack, never been so entertained whilst having dinner[br][br][br]not sure if they will be there for 2006, but i’d say that you would get people of similiar stature. definetely do a tour though, you’ll love it


I did a trip with them in Sept this year and it was amazing!! Our tour leader, Sarah Hopkins was excellent. She was heaps of fun and knew the locations very well. Our cook, Scottie and our driver, Brad were excellent aswell.[br]The trip that we did was a 12 day European Wonder. Went to Paris, Lucern, Venice, Munich (for the Oktoberfest!), Rhine Valley and Amsterdam. Alot to cover but great fun! The other people on the trip were great and it was just one big party from start to finish. I can highly recommend it.


Hi there,[br][br]I have just finished a 25 day Top Deck tour and in reply to your question, the Top Deck staff are awsome!! I had George as our tour leader, Brad as our driver and Patty as our cook. You couldnt find any better people than these three, they made the tour what it was. Pattys cooking was amazing!!


hey everyone!8-)[br]thanks for answering! it looks like my friend wasn’t just the only one who had an awesome time![br][br]she did Summer fun and sailing, anyone else out there who did it too? im planning to go next year…cant wait!:p[br][br]also , anyone has a blog about the tour on the net? i’d love to get some more info…[br][br]peace out8-)[br]marcela


Hi there guys.[br]I will have to agree with tina. [br]We just finished the 25 days spirit of europe and we had a ball. [br]Best experance had an awsome time recomend to everyone. Our guys on the bus were amazing. Brad our driver 10/10 not just for driving the bus but just a champion is genral. patty our cook a nother 10/10 best cook i ever seen make a feast out of nothing… funnyest bloke aswell. and George well i dunno where to start. Best person i have ever met. The whole time on the tour she was like a sister not a guide she was awsome… Knew all her stuff and well hard to explain. she also gets a 20/10 funny/ reliable / just the person you wanna be around all the time. Like tina said. They made the tour what it was with out those 3 i wouldn’t want it any other way they were always the life of the party. Well i wouldn’t even consider contiki just top deck all the way. 100% guys well done!!![br][br]Dave And Dylan…


anyone else?[br][br]


I did Spirit of Europe in Sept/Oct and was so pleased that we had a great tour group. Candince, our leader, was heaps of fun and knew lots of quirky little facts about all the places we visited. Our driver, Daz, was fantastic and even managed to take us around the round about at the Arch de Triumph without incident. And our cook, Jane, is a better cook and much more fun than my mum![br]On the other hand, we met another group along the way who had a really bad time because they didn’t like their leader. So I guess, you never can tell.


I was on the Southen Discoveror tour between 27/06/05 and 10/07/05.[br][br]Sarah Hopkins, the tour leader is fine. She knows some history and facts but not in detail. She is a fair amount of fun, esp when drunk.[br][br]Dani, the cook, is a fair cook but very inexperenced. She did not plan for enough food at least 3 times and people at the end of the queue will get none. I ended up having to buy my own food with my own money.[br][br]Brad, was a more experenced cook and he cook better food. But the problem with him is he keeps on trying to shag anything that moves. So avoid him if guys are bringing your girlfriends.[br][br]