Too big?


I am looking at getting a wheeled duffel bag with dimensions 80x40x38

Would I get away with taking this??


Hi there.

It might be a tad on the large size :frowning:
Maximum allowable size for all backpacks must not exceed 70cm x 50cm x 25cm and be under 20kgs.
Usually we can give or take a few cms here & there but this might be a little too large.

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Would a wheeled duffel bag with dimensions 78cm x 40cm x 25cm be acceptable? Hopefully don’t have to buy a new bag!


Cal, which one do you have?


Hi Admin, I just bought a wheeled duffel bag and its measurements are approximately 60 x 35 x 32 (if fully expanded). Just confirming that it will be okay since it’s only the height that’s about 7cm off at the very most? :slight_smile:



What happens if the bag you take is too big??


I would also be keen to find out what happens as my case is 74 x 48 x 33 and dont really want to go and buy a new one…