Tomorrowland 2016 post topdeck!


So I’m doing the european pioneer trip 16th June 2016 and traveling solo!
Looking for anyone who is keen to share a cabana with me for tommorrowland belgium (22nd july - 25th)
since you have to buy for two! Ideally this will be someone on the same tour, but ok if not! :smile:


Hi Amy :slight_smile:

I’m doing the same tour and planning on attending Tomorrowland when it finishes!

Did you end up getting a ticket?




Yeh i did manage to get a ticket for a tenting package!! Not exactly what I wanted but atleast I get to go :smile:

Did you end up getting a ticket?


Awesome :slight_smile: How exciting!

Yeah I did, but got a hotel package instead of camping because a friend was selling a ticket… Are you going to finish up the tour in Amsterdam or Bruges to make your way to the festival?


Oh that’s soo good! I really wanted a hotel package! I think I was going to finish the tour in bruges and make my way to boom from there somehow! Was that your plan?
What’s your Facebook? I dnt check this enough haha!



& yeah Facebook is way better, add me: