Toilets on the bus



Do the Topdeck buses have toilets in them? The trip description talks about the buses being with air conditioning, but no mention of washroom.

Thank you :smiley:


Our one had a toilet but were not allowed to use it. You stopped so often though at service stations


Not allowed to use it? Then what’s the point of having it? I am going on the Britain & Ireland tour, I better be allowed to use that toilet if i need it. lol. I’m bad with trips and toilet stops. I need to make sure there is one in at least a 1-2 hour radius. lol, or else I opt for being dehydrated.


Not sure it was broken or something. We did use though to be fair if desperate. we stopped every two hours on journeys.


Ah ok. Hahaha. Thank you. :smiley:


On bus tours I’ve been on before the bus toilet is for emergencies only as there are certain places that they can be emptied and sometimes the toilets are near the engine so you can imagine that once the engine warms up the smell from the toilet woudn’t be that nice!