Toilet Paper European Uncoverd


My wife was reading through the suggested things to bring on our European Uncovered Tour (Eurohotel) and she saw Toilet paper listed.
She wanted to know why we need to bring toilet paper and how much we should bring.
I think that she’s got it in her head that we need to bring enough toilet paper for the whole trip.
Whereas I think that it’s only potentially needed at rest stops.

Any advice about this so I can set her mind at ease would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Glenn,

having done a contiki, (we were also recommended to bring TP) you will find that its for those few far off times when you dont feel like using whats there or in some of the more distant places where there isnt any in the room or toilet, 1 roll apiece is what myself and my partner took, and we ended up throwing them away bout a third of the way into the trip as they just wernt needed.

hope this helps somewhat


I took a couple of rolls with my on this tour and brought them home untouched. It’s probably a generic list of things to bring and this particular item may apply more to camping tours. But since they can be squashed down and don’t really take much room I’d still suggest taking a roll or 2 just in case you run into an emergency. Public toilets in France (Paris in particular) can be pretty horrific!


You don’t need to bring your own, I didn’t take any on my Europe Uncovered tour and never ran into any problems. The better thing to do would be to take the small packs of tissues to keep in your day bag. They can double as toilet paper in an emergency and take up practically no room :slight_smile:


I just finished a topdeck hostel/cabin tour. Lots of places that we stayed in had very little toilet paper when we were staying in a cabin with 5 people etc and they’d provide you with half a roll for two nights. In one place we did actually run out of toilet paper but one of the other girl’s used the roll she had…so it is handy to have one there. I did end up throwing mine out, but it’s really no hassle, they are light can be compacted and thrown out if you don’t use it. Better to have it there than not have it I guess!!! But in saying that, it’s really not hard to buy toilet paper when you are over there either!


Haha, I thought this was a serious question for a moment - then I worked out you were just joking!

I’ve heard that they sell TP in Europe, they even have the luxury stuff.

Seriously I envy you if all you have to worry about is toilet paper.


Thanks folks,
My wife just panics some times and this was the easiest way to allay her worries.