To SLR or not to SLR?!?!


Hey travellers!! [br][br]I’m torn as to what camera I should take with me on my trip. I have a brand spanking new SLR camera and a pretty decent digital camera too. I’m doing the Mega European tour which is camping so I have no idea how cumbersome taking the SLR with me is going to be. Although it does take great shots I don’t know if its worth the risk of taking… [br][br]Anyone had any experience (good or bad) with what sort of camera they took or any thoughts on what they are thinking of taking???[br][br]Thanks![br][br]Lou[br][br]Mega European - 19/07/09


Heya, take it if it’s waterproof. [br]Otherwise. Digital camera would do the job. [br]V-risky to take your SLR. [br][br]I have a pretty expensive one and i would cry if anything happened to it. lol. [br][br]


Haven’t gone yet, but I’m definitely taking my SLR, my pressiousssss. Basically planning on chaining myself to it for the duration of the trip, but taking photos is part of the fun of the trip in itself. And its much more fun with the SLR. Just not taking any extra lenses e.t.c. I think it depends if you like photography, but by the sounds of it, you do :)[br][br]European Getaway 4th July :smiley:


I’m biased as I’m a full-time professional photographer, but in my opinion if you have the equipment, but choose to leave it at home in lieu of a point and shoot, then you’re doing yourself a great disservice.[br][br]I think if you’re sensible, and take only 1 or 2 good “workhorse” lenses, then you’d be fine. Even your average SLR body (minus battery grip) with an allround lens (eg 24-70mm) doesn’t take up that much room and would comfortably fit in your average over the shoulder bag.[br][br]With regards to security, check with your travel insurance policy as to the limits set out, it’s often not difficult to raise your limit for a slight increase in your policy cost. For peace of mind, it’s worth it.[br][br]Definately take your camera. You’ll be thankful when you get the files home.[br][br]


Hope you’re all referring to DSLR, surely no one is stuffing around with film. I’m taking my DSLR and 5MP phone for when i’ve had a pint too many.


Hope you’re all referring to DSLR, surely no one is stuffing around with film. I’m taking my DSLR and 5MP phone for when i’ve had a pint too many.


Oh thanks heaps guys, excellent advise!![br][br]Still undecided but you’ve definately helped a lot :)[br][br]Lou[br][br]Mega European - 19/07/09


I’m bringing my Nikon D60 SLR…I got travel insurance that will cover the camera and also my laptop and video camera as I am taking them too.[br]I am also bringin my digital camera just in case but with insurance at least is anything happens I’m covered :)[br][br]follow on the topdeck ‘spirit of Europe’ tour August 4th 2009


Hey all[br][br]I am close to the end of a few months of traveling and bringing my DSLR is the best thing I have done! Sure they are bulky and a good target for theft but if you take the basic precautions they are fine and the pictures are definitely worth it! I also brought a P&S for pub nights or when I am not in the mood for carrying the SLR but I would say take both![br][br]Travel insurance more than covers any damages and you will regret missing out on great shots![br][br]Hope that adds to the other points.[br]Cheers[br]Simon[br][br]European Pioneer [br]Apr 30th '09[br]Red Star Special[br]June 14th '09


Hey everyone,[br]I’ve got a DSLR with an extra 70-300mm lens and I’m planning on taking it on my tour next week (Europe Unplugged - July 2-23). My philosophy is that if I’ve spent the money to have a good camera, I might as well use it and get my money’s worth. I know it will be bulky (esp. with the extra lens) but I’m only going to be on the tour once, so I want to be able to take good pictures while I’m there. I’ve also bought a special waist bag for it that fits wonderfully so that I don’t have to hang on to my camera the entire time. [br][br]Hope this helps!