To old for Contiki at age 38. Is Topdeck the cure?


So I did my first Contiki tour last year at 37, and wish I’d found out about it earlier. Went to the Greek Islands for the Mykonos and Island cruising trip. Gotta say I had a great time. Since I’m in great shape and still have a full head of hair, I guess I fit right in with the mostly mid 20’s crowd. (3 or 4 in their low 30’s.) At any rate, now I’m 38, and I wanted to go on their Amsterdam to Barcelona tour, yet when I tried to book the trip, I was told 37 is their cut off on exceptions. Now I need to know where to go from here? I kept up with the 20 somethings quite well, (although one night when a few of them wanted to hit a night club that opened at 3 am after partying at Mykonos Beach all day, made me say no thank you.) so I know I still want to be with an adventurous group, just not a crazy one. On the other hand, I don’t want to get couped up with the 40 and 50 somethings that tour by day and sleep by 11 pm. I like touring the area, and then having a tour guide who will know the “cool” spots to go to enjoy some nightlife. Will I find that with Topdeck? Love to hear some advice.


Can’t recommend Top Deck enough. I’m 36 doing my 3rd tour. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

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While I haven’t been on a topdeck tour YET (2 weeks !), I did extensive research on both companies before booking. Topdeck seems like the winner in every category, unless you have being pressured to get wasted everyday as criteria.

Topdeck has a far better reputation for being about exploring and sightseeing instead of just booze cruising the continent. I’ve also read that the food and optional activities are significantly better with topdeck.

I guess it’s all about what you make it, but I would certainly rather be with like-minded individuals from day one.

Good luck!


On our Topdeck trip the oldest guy was 39. He was “adopted” by our two 18 year old Americans, and teh three of them were like the Three Amigos for teh whole 28 days. As long as you are happy to gt involved with the group, you’ll be fine AND meet some AWESOME people!


I have know a few people either get a yes or no from top deck in regards to their age. It’s prob best you ring top deck & talk with them about the tour you want to go on & they can advise you from there.
Another company that might want to look at is Kumuka worldwide, their age range in 18 to 55 yr olds, but tend to get lete 20’s, 30’s & early 40’s … Hope this helps


Thank you for all the input guys. The whole reason for my concern, is that I consider myself an overly active 38 year old, with the looks ofa man in his late 20’s. As such, hanging out with folks who want to tour only and be in bed by 11 (ie most American tour groups) is not even close to my style. I’ll give TopDeck a call and see thier thoughts as you mentioned. All in all, this could be a pretty good possibility here. Thanks agin or the help.


Hi there!

As before-mentioned Topdeck’s age range is 18-39 so you would definitely be welcome on any trip!

Hope to see you booked on a trip soon! :smiley:

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Just booked the Venetian Trail for May 27th, 2010. Thx for all the advice.


haha I like how you said you didn’t want to be with the 40’s or 50’s and go to bed at 11pm.

My parents are going on MANY tours and they’re mid 40’s to mid 50’s (I won’t disclose their age, haha) and they did a vietnam tour for 3 weeks with a tour place called Gap Tours. They LOVED it, and also they didn’t go to bed until early hours of the morning and was also well acquainted with a couple of youngins that were on the tour from England.
Just thought you’d wana know, not every 40-50 year old are boring and want to sleep early - my parents definately aren’t, I guess that’s where I get it from! haha
Hope this info helps :slight_smile:
In other news, I’m 19 - going to be 20 when I go on my tour and I wouldn’t mind what age you were as long as you can have fun and fit in with a younger crowd, no probs!


Hey ya jlucca33,

My bf (23)Michael and I (25) are doing the Europe Uncovered tour that I’m pretty sure inter mixes with your tour!

I think I’ve worked out the dates right and our 9th day on tour in Rome is your 1st day!? :slight_smile:

There’s a few ppl I’ve already been talking tour on the tour and they seem really chilled and great so I think it will be an awesome time, you should have a quick look in at the the 2nd June Europe Uncovered blogs - there’s a travel agent called Chrissy starting in Rome on your tour too!

Well just thought I’d give you a shout out and say Hi!

Not long now, See you in Rome! :slight_smile: Amy.


Looking forward to meeting you and Mick. I’m looking forward to a great trip no matter what, so it will all be what we make of it I guess. And Emmy… I fully intend on being one of the adventurous 40’s and 50’s kind of people when I hit your parents age, so there was no insult intended. :slight_smile:


It is.I plan to start using them from the start of 2013 onwards where possible for all my tours.I never want to look at another tour for 40 to God Only Knows People for at least another 6 and a half years(I am 33 going on 34).I did Insight in the UK in June and almost every night we were asleep by midnight no clubbing or late night parties due to the early starts on some days…I can understand the parents with their teenagers under 18 on the tour and the over 40 something brigade but for me and the Canadian girl who was in her twenties possibly very early thirties it was a shock to get used to.Possibly when the discount is close to coming to an end I will go on one of their tours again If I can’t get a Top Deck One that does the places I wish to go


my hubby will be 39 and we felt top deck was the way to go.