To camp or not to camp?


Hey all :slight_smile:

I’m looking to do either the Europe Unplugged or the Spirit of Europe Trek. Being English obviously I don’t need to worry about Visas and all of that. What I would like to find out from you all is, in your opinion, is it best to go with the camping option or the euro club option? I’ve done a similiar trip in America (with Trek America) that was camping and loved it, but that was with a much smaller group (13 people) than what seems to be advertised with topdeck (looks like between 30 and 50)

Which brings me onto another question, how was it travelling with such a large group of people?

Would love any thoughts


I’ve done both Eurocamping and Euroclub with Top Deck and loved them both. I think that all tours are what you make of them, no matter how many people are on the bus.


I did the spirit of Europe tour last year and had a great time.

I don’t mind camping but would hate to be stuck in a tent because of bad weather. That is why I chose the euro club tour.

It’s always interesting being in a big group of strangers! There were a few people I didn’t hang out with but most people were nice. I think my biggest pet peeve was people who would not show up to the bus on time!!



I did a 21 day camping tour of Europe with another tour operator (Contiki) and i found it thoroughly enjoyable.
But here are some pro’s and con’s for camping that i found


  • tour was much cheaper, thefore the money saved could be spent on attractions/ sight seeing etc
  • Although we had terrible stormy weather of a night in Venice, Prague and Lauterbrunnen (Swizterland), whenever this was the case our tour manager organised cabins for an extra small fee so we were never camping in tents in pouring rain (cant guarentee this will happen all all camping tours though) so dont let bad weather turn you off.

-camp grounds tend to be out of the city, so if you want to stay out later to visit bars/clubs you had to pay more for a taxi to bring you back (and thats if you could remember the name of the camp ground!)
-Upon arriving at the camp grounds it was fairly rushed to get ready to hit the town. Everything felt really rushed, like you would arrive at the grounds, have to set up your tent, eat dinner, clean up and then get ready in time to meet the coach to get a lift into town

  • you have to get up extra early to pack your tent up (and with a hangover it sucks lol)
    -Generally everyone will need to pitch in to help the tour cook eg-assist him/her prepping for dinners, breakfasts, washing up, setting up the cooks tent etc (not sure if there is a cook on the non camping trips) so this will take some time away when you could be getting dolled up/ pre drinking before heading out.

Also, having a big group of people can be loads of fun. plenty of people to mingle, party and chat with!

Overall camping really isnt that bad- i sure had a blast. only thing that bothered me were the massive fat slugs on the tents in Munich… SLIMEY!!! lol
Hope this might give you a bit of insight in making your decision :wink:


I have to do Eurocamping and it is listed on my bucket list, before the year end is my target.:slight_smile:


Very informative thread.


Very informative thread. Thank you for sharing this.