To anyone that's already done a camping tour


Besides the obvious stuff, what are some things you wish you had brought with you on your trip? Someone suggested things like a bottle opener, toilet paper, and a glue stick to paste things into my travel journal. I would never have thought of that and am a little worried I’m not preparing![br][br]Life’s too short to be scared.


I’ve done a lot of camping and hostel tours over the last 15 years and I can’t live without:[br][br]1. Maglite torch - mini. When you’re camping you really want to be able to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night.[br]2. Fold up umbrella[br]3. Fold up spray jacket - one that either stuffs into itself or a small sack - they are brilliant and a huge space saver. The plastic ponches you wear to the football etc are also perfect for this and you can pack 2-3 and throw away when you want. At $2-3 each cheap and cheerful![br]4. Chamois towel - quick to dry and small so not a lot of weight or space[br]5. Cards - 2 decks. You’d be amazed how quickly this can make you one of the most popular person on tour![br]6. Penknife - you’d be amazed how often you’ll need scissors or a knife or a bottle opener! This covers it all in one.[br]7. Take your own spoon, knife and fork set - you can get travel sets that link together from most camping places[br]8. Zip Off pants - means you get a pair of pants and a pair of shorts all in one. Really good in Europe as they are great for the European days which can start off quite cool but heat up significantly during the day[br]9. IPod[br]10. Tinted moisturiser - saves space and makeup[br]11. First aid kit - including either paracetamol or iboprofen, bandaids, blister packs (trust me - you’ll get blisters), cold and flu tablets (if you’re tour is longer than 2 weeks, the bus will get a cold at some point and you’ll die for these), throat lozenges, antihistamines, antibacterial cream etc.[br]12. Tissues - buy a 12 pack of the purse packs - these can be used as either toilet paper of tissues.[br]13. Antibacterial hand gel[br][br]Things NOT to take:[br]1. Jewellery - seriously, you’re camping![br]2. Hair Dryer - besides also needing to pack an adapter, they take up a ton of room[br]3. A ton of makeup[br]4. Books - go into 2nd hand books stores if you like, but books are heavy and take up a ton of space[br][br]Hopes this helps.[br][br]Cheers,[br]Stacey


thank you so much, this list is great![br][br]Life’s too short to be scared.


Yea great list I’ve still got to buy some of that stuff.[br][br]I’d recommend you get an LED Maglite torch instead of the normal globe as they are so much better![br][br]Also looking at that list something came to mind which I was so happy I brought to my last camping trip. Earplugs! This will make sleeping so much easier as campsites are often noisy places all night and if you have a snorer in the same tent it’s hell without them. It literally will improve your experience of the whole trip. I’ll be bringing a dozen or more pairs lol.[br][br]Have you booked your trip yet Tequila? I haven’t noticed anyone else doing the 18 Jul 2010 Mega European have you? I thought it would be cool if a group of us meet up before the actual trip started in London to have a drink. Still early days though.[br][br]I’m so lucky I can actually come as I just got a graduate job and they were cool with me taking 3 months off lol, I was really scared that I was going to have to cancel. [br][br]Luke


Hey Luke,[br]I haven’t booked yet, as I just have to make sure my graduate school is ok with me missing the first week of classes. Absolute worst case scenerio I am planning on taking the same trip but stopping in Athens and then possibly doing the Britain and Ireland tour right after and returning to finish Athens to London the next summer. Hopefully I’ll be able to book it by next weekend.[br][br]I am definitely getting the earplugs, I also need to find some kind of alarm clock/watch or something to wake me up for those 6am departure mornings! [br][br]Haven’t heard anybody else on our trip yet though we have a guaranteed departure so that’s good! Meeting up in London beforehand is a definite, I know a few great places we could all check out. I’m planning on arriving that Friday evening… even though this is all still 6 months away I’m counting the days![br][br]Life’s too short to be scared.

#6[br][br]I dont know if you guys have seen this but here;s a HUGE list of what to take, I dont think there’s anything left out![br][br]Chloe


Amazing tips guys! cheers B-)


For anyone that has done a TopDeck camping tour…

How accessible are power outlets throughout the trip? Like say I bring my phone and a camera, will I be able to charge them daily. I dont plan to dominate the battery (Lol data roaming fees, but do plan on using my phone for city guides and pre-downloaded maps), but a full charge of a phone battery can take a couple hours or so.



There aren’t a huge amount of power points in the camp grounds. They usually have them in the bathrooms, but this is a bit impractical for charging anything. On the modern buses, you can usually charge iPods and phones so take your car charger here.

If you’re doing a hostel tour then there will be powerpoints in the room and not a problem charging here.

I would recommend taking a spare battery for your camera and then not having to worry about chargers for a week or two.


Hey guys, I just got back from a wilderness store and found a giant shammy towel for like 20 USD. In case you’re not sure what I’m talking about, it’s one of those light weight, really compact, fast drying (it’s completely dry after just squeazing the extra water out), soft cloths people usually use to dry their cars. Only the one I got is large enough to wrap around my body. I’m definitely excited about this find =). If any of you have any other ideas to save some room in the backpack, please add it here!


Another question.

As we all know, a sleeping bag is considered mandatory. I know I wont need one for my hostel tour, but I am curious about the camping tour. If I bring a sleeping bag liner to sleep in, will I be ok in the campgrounds?

As a larger person (6’3’’ 250), that tends to run warm at night, I dont really need a sleeping bag from a warmth perspective and would rather not bring one if I wont absolutely need one.

So, is a sleep sheet/ sleeping bag liner adequate?



You can risk not taking a sleeping bag if you’re travelling in July/August, but any time other than that I would take a bag. Depending on which part of Europe you will be in, you could have some very cool nights. Also with camping you will have air mattresses, which are an excellent way of bringing the cold night air up from the ground and onto your back!

Even if you just pack a light season bag, this would definitely be the safest way to go.