hi;D is there any tips anyone could give ??? me going to Egypt so far hand sanitiser or baby wipes, (money) i guess creadit card is better than efpos card travelers check no good but how much in $US / GB pounds / Egypt pounds , (luggae) suitcase or backpack ant other tips greatful thanks traveling Oct 21st thanks again;)


Hey, [br][br]Are you on the Spirit of Egypt tour on Oct 21 ? [br][br]- Wayne


no sorry doing the ultimate egypt


Egypt is fantastic![br]definitely bring:[br]- baby wipes[br]- hand sanitizer[br]- moisturiser[br][br]b4 I went on my tour I though u needed a backpack but you could easily get away wth a suitcase (esp. on a our where u dont sleep on efluccas) as long as its not too big. [br]Choose what works for you. I know I’m more of a suitcase person[br][br]Money all depends on how much of a shopper you are…Some days I spent bairly enything- e.g. days spent relaxing at the resort in dahab and hurghada but other days I spent more e.g. market day in Cairo and Aswan.[br][br]Usually you could get away with 100-200 Egyptian pounds per day taking into account water, meals, a few souvenirs (thats about 20-40 aussie dollars)[br][br]Best form of money is cash- egyptian punds mainly but it wouldn’t hurt to have some $US and pounds aswell…[br]Bankcards, keycards etc work well too- occasionally you might hav to find a diff. atm, but I didn’t really have any problems, Tip is take out more cash b4 you run out…[br][br]Hope this helps :slight_smile: