Tips/Expectations on a North America tour?


I’m going on my very first solo trip, and first Topdeck tour in almost 20 days; the Canadian Rockies tour…I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for me, and what I should be expecting or not expecting?

Thank you!


You will LOVE Topdeck! I have been on 3 tours so far a plan to book another one for summer of 2017.

I live in Canada and I am jealous you’re going to the Rockies. I used to live in Vancouver and try to make it out to the Rockies once a year - they are spectacular!

You will have a driver, and a tour guide, and depending on the type of tour you may also have a chef to cook some meals for everyone. There is a set schedule with plenty of free time to explore and see what you would like to see.


Awesome! I’m getting so nervous because it’s my first time doing something like this on my own!

I’m more nervous about flying than anything else!