Tips and hints from my March trip:)


Hi All,

I just got back from the Spirit of Egypt tour… It was amazing, and i thought i’d share a few tips, thoughts that might help anyone!

In regards to spending money, Egypt is cheap. Most of our expenses in our 10 day tour (plus 4 days after for ourselves) came from admission fees, the local payment and optional tours offered by Topdeck that we decided to do. And all of these prices are as quoted by Top deck. Note that the additional optional tours were quoted for us in British pounds (not Egyptian) so you will need to do the appropriate conversion.

Food, drinks and souvenirs were all pretty cheap. We spent less than $1500 Australian for me and my partner and we were there for 14 days. You can get meals (burger and chips etc), including a soft drink from the Swiss inn for less than $10 AUD. We stopped at a few little shops on the way for water, coke, chips etc and would spend the equivalent of $4 AUD and got a coke, 2 big bottles of water and 3-4 bags of chips.

Taxis are really cheap, less than half the price what you would pay in Aus.

Make sure you take clothes that cover your arms and legs. I never felt unsafe in Egypt, but you do feel a little out of place as it’s usually obvious you’re a tourist. The people are mega friendly but are quite ‘enthusiastic’ at all the touristy places and it can become overwhelming with the constant number of ppl trying to sell you things. Many of them don’t take no for an answer and will follow you quite some way in the hope you will change your mind if they lower the price. All I can say is enjoy the experience and remember that poverty is a huge issue in Egypt, so these people are probably just trying to put food on the table. I quite enjoyed the bargaining!

Try and keep as much smaller notes and change on you as you can as this comes in really handy, especially as you will need to pay 1-2 pound for the toilets in a lot of places. Also keep spare toilet paper with you ALL the time!

The sights are fantastic and I highly recommend the optional tour to Gifton Island (take your swimmers as it includes snorkelling) if you’re going to Hurghada, the water and marine life was stunning. And have a go at the apple sheesha if you have time:)

I would recommend Egypt to anyone, it was an unforgettable experience.



Thanks for the tips Kerry - very helpful!

Don’t forget those pee-pounds!

Topdeck Team