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Hello, just wondering if there’s many of you out there who have done a Topdeck Tour before, and if you have any advice or tips. [br][br]Ie, Things you wish you knew, wish you packed, wish you didnt pack, approx how much spending money (per day) you suggest, anything you think would be useful for us newbies.[br][br]I’m sure there’s a few of us who would appreciate your help![br][br]Thanks heaps,[br][br]Jody[br][br]


Hi Jody[br][br]Which Topdeck tour will you be doing?[br][br]I am doing the Grand European tour that departs London on 8 May 2007.[br][br]From kat22


hey there,[br][br]i havent done a topdeck tour before - but did a tour round ireland. [br][br]there are the things everyone says - like sarongs, plastic bags, etc, but something not always mentioned… [br][br]gaffa/duct tape = endless amount of uses - very useful when the seam on your bag breaks on the first day, repairing holes in shoes etc. It seriously can fix just about anything. Probably wont cure hunger or hangover, but will do just about everything else.[br][br]Hope thats helpful! Enjoy your tour [br][br]Cheers




Thanks Chiffon, that’s a great idea about the gaffa, one i prob wouldnt have thought of either. [br][br]Kat22 - ?? think i’ll be doing the Spirit of Europe leaving on 19th June.


Hi Jody,[br][br]there are a few things that come to mind, firstly a pair of flip-flops (aka thongs) for the showers and definitely a toilet bag that you can hang over the back of a door. i even take 2 toilet bags, 1 with my shower stuff in it, and the other that has all my other stuff in it. also maybe a washing bag if you might need to do a load of washing and also comes in handy to put your dirty clothes in until you find a washing machine (and possibly some washing powder as it can be quite expensive/hard to come by in some places) :)[br][br]it will definitely help if you get the list of optional extras before you go, as some of them can be quite expensive. with most of your meals/accom included i would suggest about 35-40 euros a day[br][br]hope this helps for now, will post more as they come to mind. have a great trip. [br][br][br]Be Good, Or Be Good At It


I have a question too. I was planning on bringing my laptop. I figure the pros are that I can communicate with the outside world for free and I can look up things to do and places to go in each city. The cons…well lugging it around and the possiblity of something happening to it. [br][br]So I guess I am wondering if its pretty safe to bring it, because I figure most of the time it will be under the bus, and I’m a trusting guy. And also, do places we will stay even offer free-wireless interenet , because if they dont’ do that much over there then it would be pointless.[br][br]So just let me know from your expiriences. thanks!


Hi All,[br][br]I havent done a Topdeck tour before, but my friends have done a bit of travelling and passed this advice along…[br]Bring your own padlock for the lockers at hostels, batteries for your camera (they are more expensive in europe), and a quick drying towel (I got mine from a camping store) as there is nothing worse than using a damp towel![br][br]Hope this helps, Looking foward to hearing more tips[br]Katie


Hi[br][br]Its my first time in europe and I was wondering if they were many power points where you could charge for example your batteries for camera, because nine takes like 3 hours to charge fully and only gives me about 1 hours of power and to buy another one will cost around 70$CAn= 48$ euro.[br][br]DAvid


Hi David[br][br]I am not sure if there will be places to charge your appliances because I have not been on a Topdeck tour before.[br][br]If you want to charge your appliances in Europe you will need to purchase power adapters that allow you to convert the plugs on your appliances to fit into the Europe and UK power points.[br][br]I hoe this assists with your question.[br][br]From kat22 (Alana)


To Scoho7[br][br]In regards to the Laptop, i personally wouldnt take one for a few reasons. the biggest one would be it getting lost/stolen, and i am guessing most places will have internet cafes.[br][br][br]Cass[br]


Hi David I have purchased a power board which has 4 powerpoints on it and this plugs into the mains or electricity supply in the wall. I have also purchased an adaptor for the UK and one for the rest of Europe which you can borrow when I am not using it. I will need it to charge my phone camera batteries and ipod so having a power board will be the way to go. I agree about your laptop - thats the one thing thieves will be looking for. I have decided to buy a camcorder and was thinking of buying one duty free before I leave Sydney but this means you can’t open it until you are on the plane so I might as well get one now and try to figure it out because by the sounds of things there will be some awesome sights that a still digital camera won’t do justice. Good luck with your polar bears from Terry.


Hey Terry - [br][br]Maybe look at getting a digital camera that can take movies as well… I have the xelim (casio) and it takes great movies! its little, and i have a few memory sticks… i dunno just a thought - might save you a few hundered dollars - also easier to use for still photos… [br][br]Most digi cameras can do video now i think!!! [br][br]Em[br][br]Off to Europe in June!


Thanks Em I have already got a 5 mega pixel camera with video but this just chews up the memory and not to mention the battery. I am still shopping around for a handycam and one that has a hard drive which is a little bit more expensive but worth it I think - thanks again from Terry.


Hi guys[br][br]I have a suggestion[br][br]Earplugs, Earplugs, Earplugs!!! Don’t leave home without them.[br]Because every dormitory seems to come with at least one snoring champion.[br][br]DAvid


hahaha[br][br]Dave you just made me laugh out loud at work - on a very average day![br][br]Thanks for that!!![br][br]Em[br][br]Off to Europe in June!


Hi Terry[br][br]Australia now has the Tourist Refund Scheme which allows you to claim a refund on GST paid on goods bought in Australia. To claim the refund you must spend $300 or more (GST inclusive) in the one store (and get a single tax invoice) and buy the goods no more than 30 days before your departure from Australia.[br][br]This means you could buy camcorder and get to figure it out before you go.[br][br]Check the following link for more info:-[br][br]Tracey


Thanks Tracey your a legend - I’m hitting the shops tomorrow for one!!! Take care and have a great trip from Terry.


next question, I have been watching the travel channel alot lately, to prepare for each city we will be going to. And what they never seem to show on the movies is the huge line to get in the best museums and attractions. It said that it is possible to buy and print tickets online to most places, and skip the line, thus having more time to explore.[br][br]After reviewing the optional events offered by topdeck, it seems like we are left on our own for the big stuff in paris, rome, and amsterdam mainly. So I am thinking about getting tickets to lourve, colosseum, anne frank’s house and such before hand. Of course I hope I’m not the only one buying in advance because it would be no fun to go to them all alone. [br][br]So maybe this is a good idea, maybe someone who has been can let us know.[br][br]heres some sites i found so far[br] - all public transport and two museums in rome,20 euros[br][br] - online sales for tickets 6 euros[br][br] - 8 euros[br][br][br][br]


Hey scoho7 that a good question![br]Hope someone answer that.[br]I was viewing the louvre site and it seems like they mail you the tickets from France, do you think the have the time to get to north america before we go? I’m leaving the 20th May[br][br]Please can someone answer scoho7 question.[br][br]DAvid