Tips & advise on Winter Europe Trips


I am thinking of doing a Europe winter tour at the end of this year so it would be end December to End January.

Would love any honest opinions from anyone who has finished a trip recently or that have travelled through Europe in Winter.

Having trouble deciding if i should go in Winter or not?


Being ready is a good thing if you want to travel in winter because now a days winter is really deadly but it is really challenging specially if you love skiing.


Hi there

I recently did a winter trip from Dec-Jan. I went on the Festive Escape and spent the rest of the time on my own.

I’ve been to Europe in both Summer and Winter, they both have their perks.

Winter is great because its Christmas season and I feel that Christmas really does come alive in Europe especially in Germany. The Christmas markets are so amazing and are worth visiting. It does get really cold but if you dress properly you won’t feel the cold (and I’m chicken shit when it comes to cold weather).

Winter is classified as off-peak season but the lines and prices say otherwise. Paris will always be busy no matter what season!

Europe is still worth visiting in winter. Unlike Australia (or maybe it’s just Perth) everything is still very lively during Winter. It’s very charming during winter and it’s amazing seeing countryside covered with snow.


Winter is best season for trips as the weather is pleasant and you feel energetic unlike in summer. And if kids are with us then we must find some places where kids will really enjoy their time.


I went in January this year and it was great. Mind you… I haven’t been in summer.
The cold was enjoyable, you run around like crazy until you need a break and you end up ducking into cool little cafes or bars to get warm.
We rarely had to line up for the big tourist parts which was a winner. But on the other side, we didn’t have great weather in the alps and Schönbrunn Palace was just white. But Amsterdam and Prague were beautiful.

I would go again during winter.