Tips & Advice for Island Suntanner


Hi Guys,

I’ll be travelling for the first time, on my own, doing the above tour and would really like to benefit from tips and advice from people out there who have already done this tour.

Look forward to hearing from you, and thanks in advance!! :slight_smile:



Hey Nikkie I did this in November (on my own as well for the first time).

Suitcases are a good idea if your not going to the outback. But if you are I would recommend a backpack. Ear plugs are a great idea as well. We had one guy who snored a bit haha so we had to buy some from the pharmacy in Byron. Would have came in use on the plane the way there as well. The A380 is better than the 474 so if you have a choice choose that. Other than that just the normal stuff, toothbrush, camera, travel plug.

Have a great time, I wish i was doing it again. But Canada this year for me I think! You meet awesome people on the trip. And message me if you have any questions might reply a bit late though don’t check this as much as I used to. :slight_smile:


Hi Alex,

Thanks for the reply and advice!

Hope Canada is as good for you. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hi Alexander,

Can you tell me approximately how much ££ you spent while on the trip, did you do any optional extras etc and any other recommendations?!?!

Thanks again :slight_smile:



Hey Nikki,

I actually did the grand aussie which is this one, then I went to the outback to do the second half of the trip. I did most of the extras apart from the skydiving because unfortunately it got cancelled. Went to wet & wild, zoo, canoeing (outback), scuba diving, horse riding. Unfortunately alcohol is quite expensive down under so spent a lot on that, even though I don’t drink much normally. I spend around £800. I actually though I spent a lot more than that until i got back. Most was spent on the suntanner part of the trip though.

I would defiantly recommend horse riding/(goat mustering), snorkeling at cairns once your on the boat you can also opt in for the scuba diving which I would recommend but you can see just as much snorkeling (so don’t force yourself to the scuba diving if you don’t want to).

We did snorkeling when sailing which a few people didn’t like, but they liked it at cairns so don’t let it put you off if you don’t like it at the Whitsundays. Also scuba diving is easier than snorkeling because you don’t have to worry about keeping your head in the correct position.

Wet & wild was a great day… lockers cost a bit so share if you go and bring suncream or one of them sun protective top things that look like a wet suit top.

I also did the Sydney bridge climb, which you need to book in advance(so that’s not included in the expenditure I gave you above). Would recommend but i have to say I wouldn’t do it again because its something I felt I had to do. Don’t worry about missing it.

I would defiantly recommend the blue mountains day trip if you have a few days in Sydney. Fantastic views, photos lovely day out and worth every penny.

The zoo was good, not many people went form the trip and you have to make your own way there. They do tell you everything you need to know. We had to get a taxi to the train station and get the train to beerwah, then a free bus to the zoo. Which cost a bit on top of the zoo. I had to go because I was a massive Steve Irwin fan when I was younger. But if you’re not that bothered don’t go. I also booked the zoo ticket in advance so that’s also not included in the expenditure.

Sorry for the ridiculously long message, got a bit carried away haha

Alex :slight_smile:


I have just finished this trip as well. Cost wise I brought $2,000 (US) and that was just enough for me. However, I did the skydiving and purchased the video which was close to $500 alone right there. I did not,however do any of the amusements parks on the gold coast but instead opted to lounge on the beach. Budgeting yourself $100 a day will probably be fine and you will keep your cost down by keep your own alcohol with you which your guide will tell you. I too snorkled the reef rather than scuba dove and was very happy and fulfilled by the experience. I did the zoo and horseback riding too. Earplugs are a wonderful idea as i kept them in each night and slept extremely sound each night. Also, I found I only wore my long pants to ride the horses, other than that they just took up space, so only bring one pair and make them leggings if you can. I found currency exchange managed easiest by simply going to the ATM at the airport rather than exchanging it ahead of time. I brought 1 pair of high heels (which I wore 1 night on the gold coast), 1 pair of sneakers (which i wore 1 time horseback riding), and lived in my flip flops. Washing powder you will DEFINITELY want to bring with you. Also, I traveled alone and not one time felt lonely and made some amazing friends that i’m still in contact with. You will have a WONDERFUL time that will far exceed your expectations I promise. Safe Travels!


Wow, traveling in Island Suntanner is the best coast holiday. Don’t forget to check important things you need to bring like travel documents. money, first aid kit, walking shoes with a good grip,refillable water and of course camera.