Hello,[br]I’m heading to the UK at end of June and doing the Discover Europe Tour from 23rd of July. I was just wondering bout tipping, how much are you expected to tip and when in the UK and round Europe? i also realise you need to tip the tour director but how much?? Clueless.


this is what i have come across:[br][br][quote]* To tip 10% in Europe is a great tip! [br]* Tip only in restaurants where there are waiters and waitresses, not pubs. Generally if your meal is served at a counter then you dont tip. [br]* Menu’s usually state if the service is included, if service isnt included then leave a tip of about 5-10% by rounding up or leaving the change from the bill. [br]* It’s better to give the money directly to the waiter/waitress and not leave it on the table. [br]* In Germanic countries its ‘classy’ to say the amount you would like to tip. eg if the bill came to ?78, hand them ?100 and say “85”. [br]* In Italy its better to tip in cash, even if you paid by credit card, as the money may not always get to the waiter/waitress. [br]* When tipping for taxis, just round the fare up.[/quote][br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


ah a great fountain of knowledge Leeana! wasn’t sure on the tipping thing either - not really done in NZ…


You don’t need to tip the tour leaders/drivers etc.


You don’t need to tip in France, not even in restaurants


I think if the driver and trip leader do a good job and work hard for your benefit, that they should be tipped. Tipping should be seen as a token of your appreciation for a job well done.


I’ll give the UK perspective on this =) Leeana’s tips are pretty much spot-on for the UK, especially about giving tips directly to the waiter/waitresses. Couple of points:[br][br]1) Only the very expensive, exclusive, upmarket type of restaurants have a service charge. Pubs, small to medium restaurants/cafes almost never have service charges.[br][br]2) Following on from the above, if you eat somewhere that doesn’t have a service charge then don’t assume you HAVE to tip. A tip is generally not expected.[br][br]3) Tipping in the UK is the exception rather than the norm. As Leeana mentioned, most tipping is usually just the change from the bill (plus a few pounds extra if appropriate).[br][br]Hope this helps!


Be very alert you don’t get snubbed by restaurants/bars that serve meals…they will often add a surcharge automatically for every individual on the table. This was experienced in Budapest. We should have walked out in the first place and not given them our business as most of us only ordered drinks.