A friend of mine did a Trafalgar tour and at the end of the trip they told everyone they had to pay the driver & tour guide and it was quite a bit of money. The tour is already a lot of money I don’t want to be stung with a big bill at the end!

Can someone who has done a Topdeck tour before please tell me how much you paid and weather or not it was mandatory?



(Doing European Wonder next year)


Hi Jess,

Tipping isn’t mandatory, but it is encouraged. I know that it’s pretty common to talk about €1-2 per day of your tour for the guide and bus driver, which is you have a long tour can really add up. Last time (which was 3 years ago), we were doing a 28 day tour and tipped the bus driver and guide €20 each as they were both brilliant. The guides and drivers don’t earn a lot of money and it’s important to remember that the wage system is completely different in Europe than it is here in Australia and NZ, they might only be earning €50 a day, which isn’t a lot.




I recently did a Topdeck tour; mine was the first part of a longer tour (Roman Chariot, the first part of the Grand European). We were not encouraged, or even hinted at to give tips. It might be just that we were dropped off pretty quickly, so really the opportunity never came.

To be honest, I’d really like to give my guide a tip as he was professional and very knowledgeable, and he helped me out a couple of times. I don’t know what would happen if I was to leave at the regular end of a tour - but I doubt they’ll be holding a hat out.

Hope that helps!


I just finished European Odyssey, and tipping was definitely not mentioned and certainly not encouraged. You can tip them if you want, but there is absolutely no pressure - I highly doubt anyone would even mention tipping.
My boyfriend did a Trafalgar tour a couple years ago, and they do encourage tipping. They sprung it on his tour group on the last day and even handed out envelopes to put your money in - and expected quite a large amount.
Topdeck is amazing, you will have a great time!


Hey Guys

Rest assured Topdeck has no tipping policy for our European trips. If you would like to give your crew a tip that is entirely up to you!