Timeless Trail!


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: I’ve waited so long to do this-hope there are more of you doing this one. Post me, so we can chat and share the excitement???Timeless trail coming up!!!

Anyone who’s done this trip or will be doing it, please let me know?!


me and two of my friends are doing the timeless trail on 4th may as well we are REALLY excited… :slight_smile:

CANT WAIT!! :slight_smile:


Hey Trina thats great!!! how old are you and where are you from? have you received any detail other than that in the brochures about the trip?? only 75 days to go! I start the trip in Paris, and you guys?


well I’m 20 and the other girls are 21 & 19. how old are you? we are from North Queensland in Australia… i emailed top deck for more information becoz our travel agent hasn’t given us much other then the brochures… we are starting in London coz we are spending a couple days there b4 the tour starts… we actually leave for Italy in 56 day soo we are starting to get all our stuff organised already… :slight_smile:


I’m 23, from South Africa. Just decided i want to do this…on my own and booked the trip!!I also haven’t received more info-our final itinerary is suppose to arrive 6 weeks before departure, wow leaving for Italy! So jealous! before i decided to do the trip i looked into doing language courses in Italy, great oppertunities. Do you have family there or are you doing another trip there, where in Italy?? Have you done any other trips before? What do you guys do for a living?Are you all on facebook as well? …sounds like 20 questions, sorry :wink: just can’t contain the excitement, and looking forward to meet you all!


YAY!!! not long now… :slight_smile: i leave for Italy on the 19th of April!! - me and my friends just book moulin rouge for the Friday night we are in Paris… :slight_smile: cant wait!! going to be soo much fun!!