Timeless Trail - May, June or July 2012


Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone has booked a timeless trail for departures in May-July 2012 (I haven’t booked a date yet)
Would be nice to know someone before hand and if you’re travelling alone too.

Thanks, Zoe :slight_smile:


Hiya :slight_smile: I’m not doing the Timeless Trail but it is part of a bigger trip (European Pioneer) which I will be part of! The departure date is 5th July so it’d be awesome if you’re thinking of the same dates!


I have booked the 3 May 2012 Timeless Trail, can not wait!!


just wondering if anyone has booked the timeless trail departing 19th July 2012 until the 8th August 2012? or any other dates around then.i havnt booked yet. just wondering if anyone has and is travelling alone, it would be awesome to know someone before i book.

thanks hayley :slight_smile:


Heya :slight_smile:

Ive just booked the tour that departs on the 21st June 2012, So its on like Donkey Kong.
I’m soooooo excited, woohooo, Europe her I come.

I heard that the tour is already fully booked for that date, but I could be wrong. Anyone out there whos going on
the same tour?



Hi Zoe

Im heading over on the 19th july and doing the timeless trail on the 22nd July. Have you decided what your going to do?




I am going on the timeless trail leaving on the 14th june. Just wondering who else is going on it. also who is travelling alone??