Timeless Trail May 9th


Hi Everyone,

My name is Julia and I am from the U.S. I am going on the Timeless Trail, leaving May 9. I wanted to know if anyone else was going on this trip or any trips that went along with it, like the European Pioneer. I might travel a bit solo after and was wondering if anyone else had similar plans.




HI Julia

Im Hayley. Ill be going on this tour with my best friend Selina. WE are from Queensland, Australia and will be in London a week prior doing our own thing before we join the tour.

Hayley :slight_smile:


Hey Hayley,

I am excited to meet you and Selina, London will be fun. I recently found out I will most likely be in Italy for a few months after the trip. I am also excited to meet so many people from Australia and New Zealand, it seems like you will make up the majority of the people on the trip. I love getting to know people from other countries so it should be really fun. Its just over a month now, can’t wait.

Talk to you soon,



Yes we are super excited!!! not looking forward to the 29 hours that its going to take us to get to the UK though… haha.



oh my gosh, I didn’t know it took that long. My flight is only about 9 hours.