Timeless Trail departing June 30th


Is anyone else here going on this tour? ::slight_smile: My best friend and I have booked our spots and are realllllyy excited! though our tour hasn’t been confirmed, do you think there’s a high chance that it’ll be cancelled? :o


I’m on the tour leaving on the 23rd June as it is a confirmed departure date :slight_smile: If the tour gets enough people you should be fine otherwise you may have to switch to another date


Hi guys,

Just to let you know that we try not to cancel too many trips, however occasionally we must due to low numbers. However, if we do cancel a trip it is at minimum 6-8 weeks before the trip departure, and all passengers on the cancelled trip are offered a transfer to an alternative date or, if the alternatives do not fit with their timetable, a full refund. However, we do find that throughout the year many trips which are not guaranteed in our brochure get guaranteed as people book on, so your best bet is to keep an eye on the website for the most recent information!

Topdeck Team