Timeless trail August 2nd


Hi, just wondering if anyone else is booked on the timeless trail tour departing August 2nd? Would like to hear from anyone :slight_smile:


Some friends of mine were talking about this trip. So I just wondering about your trip plans over there. Please share some ideas … :slight_smile:


Hi Gemma, I will be spending 2 nights in London before the tour starts then flying home the night the tour finishes.


Hi Rachael, my plans are he exactly the same as yours in London two days before tour and fly home same day as tour finishes… where are you flying from ?


Hi Brooke,
That’s good, where are you staying in London? I’m flying from Sydney, what about you?
There’s a facebook group for this tour if you want to join, there is a few discussions happening there; https://www.facebook.com/groups/1763374613975276/?ref=bookmarks


Hi Rachal,
I’m staying in Greenich with a family friend. What about you?
Same, what flight are you on and what day do you fly out?
Great I will join the chat now :slight_smile: thank you so much


Also just wanting to confirm the link is for Timeless trail 22days ? Sory only cause the Facebook group is for the Eurpean Pioneer :confused:


Hi Brooke, I hope you dont mind but I replied through messenger. I thought it would be easier than the Topdeck forum