Timeless Trail 2011


Anyone going on Timeless Trail leaving 5/5 or 12/5 ??


No at this stage I’m going on the ‘Timeless Trail’ that leaves the 2nd of June.


Hey! I’m planning on going on the timeless trial tour that leaves 5th May.


Hey Emma!! Awesome!! I just booked my Timeless Trail trip today!!! ;D
When are you booking? Apparently there’s not many seats left I’m told??


Hi All,

Im booked on the 19th of May timeless trail with a couple of friends, anyone else planning on doing that one?


Hey im booked on the timeless trail that leaves on the 12/5 though im gona be in america for four months before hand … packing is hard lol


Hey hey. Im doing the one leaving on the 19th. looking at changing it to the 26th though so I can have more time in England…


I’m thinking of booking the 19 May tour, hopefully I’ll get to talk to some of my other travellers before we go.


hey hey,
I’m booked in for the 23rd June :slight_smile: Anyone else booked in for this date?


I am booked on the Timeless Trail on the 5th May … anyone else booked on this?
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hey Mandz,
Im booked on this trip for the 5th May!!!
;D ;D


Hey! I’m going on Timeless Trail May 5th! sooo excited! :slight_smile:


Clairabell & Kayla, do u guys have emails??? ;D


Anyone going July 7th?


Hi guys, my boyfriend and I are booked on Timeless trail leaving July 10th. Very excited! ;D


Hey I’m going on the timeless trail starting May 19, going alone, anyone else going solo?


Hey Leila,

I’m going on the Timeless Trail 19th May too…I’m going with my boyfriend. Only 7 weeks till we go on tour



Hey Belle and Leila - I’m doing the European Pioneer starting 19 May - the Timeless Trail is part of this so imagine we’re on the same bus :slight_smile:

I’m going solo, as are at least a few other people - check out our facebook page (feel free to join!!) http://www.facebook.com/#!/home.php?sk=group_166905006695444&ap=1 or search European Pioneer - 19 May 2011.

Can’t believe I only have 2.5 more weeks of work, and only 6 weeks left in NZ before moving to London and our tour!!


Hey Belle and Laura,
That’s cool! At least I know I’m not the only one going solo!
Will any of you be at the Clink the night before departure?


Me and 3 friends are doing the timeless trail 5/5! Not long now :slight_smile: